229 Manned Level Crossings Eliminated, 1795 Targeted for FY 19-20

Subways, Road Over Bridges to replace Level Crossings

The Indian Railways has managed to eliminate 229 Manned Level Crossings (MLCs) in 2 months. This was revealed by the Chairman, Railway Board, in a review held with General Managers of all zones recently.

The figure is significantly higher than 65 such crossings eliminated last year. The Railway Board has set all the zones a target of eliminating 1,795 manned level crossings in FY 2019-20.

IR is currently in the midst of a drive to eliminate as many level crossings from its network as possible. This is being done by replacing the crossings with low height subways for crossings that see light traffic. Many such subways are currently under construction across the network to replace MLCs. 1753 subways / Road Under Bridges (RUBs) are targeted for the year. 177 have been completed so far.

At other places, level crossings are being replaced with relatively more expensive Road Over Bridges (ROBs). 332 ROBs are targeted for 2019-20. 18 have been completed so far.

The Board has also set a target of interlocking 289 Manned Level Crossings for the year.

The public transporter completed the work of eliminating all Unmanned Level Crossings from its network in FY 2018-19. LCs, especially the unmanned type, were a significant cause of accidents on IR.

61% of deaths in accidents were caused at Unmanned Level Crossings between 2007-08 and 2011-12, according to a paper presented at the International Railway Safety Conference in 2012.

Pace of elimination of Unmanned Level Crossings on the Indian Railways. Data: Indian Railways

In 2012, Indian Railways had over 31,800 LCs, out of which over 18,300 were MLCs. 54% of these were interlocked to provide improved operational safety.


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