Gandhiji’s Journey from Burdwan to Poona

Mahatma Gandhi, in his autobiography “My experiments with truth” dedicated one chapter to the ‘Woes of third-class passengers’. Read more »

Gandhiji’s Journeys by Third Class on Indian Railways

On the occasion of the Mahatma's 150th birth anniversary, Raghavendra Rao takes a look at Gandhi's experiences traveling in a third class coach on the Indian Railways Read more »

Kalyan ELS Gets its First 25kV Passenger Locomotive

The oldest electric locomotive shed (ELS) in India, based in Kalyan, Mumbai, has finally received its first 25kV AC passenger locomotive Read more »

166 Years of IR: How the Seeds Were Sown in 1831

the idea of constructing railways in India is older and dates back to the year 1831. And if it weren't for a stroke of bad luck, Kolkata, and not Mumbai, could well... Read more »

150 years of Bombay – Calcutta connection: Bagra Tawa today

The Bagra Tawa, Doubling, and the Alfred Viaduct Read more »

150 years of Bombay – Calcutta connection: The Alfred Viaduct

This is Part II in a series on the region where the Bombay Calcutta rail connection was first completed 150 years ago Read more »

150 years of Bombay – Calcutta connection: The inauguration

Railway connectivity between Mumbai and Kolkata just entered its 150th year on March 7. Interestingly, this rail line was neither inaugurated at Bombay nor at Calcutta, but at Jubbulpore (as Jabalpur was... Read more »

Vintage SCR Fire Engine wins prestigious Challenger Trophy

The Vintage John Morris Fire Engine, manufactured in the year 1914, which was originally used by H.E.H Nizam State Railway in the city of Hyderabad and now a prominent exhibit at the... Read more »

Remembering George Fernandes is remembering life during the Railway Strike

Memories from the Railway Strike in 1974 Read more »

The Indian Railways’ Strike: Some Memories

With the sad passing away of George Fernandes, it is time to reminisce about the Railway Strike during the Emergency. What we present are the memories of some of our acquaintances who... Read more »