ER: Puja Hoppers Widely Used Suburban Network

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            ER had run 28 suburban Puja Special trains, of which 8 were ran in different sections of Howrah Division and 20 in differnet sections of Sealdah Division for the convenience of the passengers intending to visit different Puja pandals.

            The pandal hoppers has widely used the suburban Railway network to visit the Puja pandals of different areas. During Puja days, due to wide patronage of passengers, the total sale figure of Unreserved Tickets (UTS) from Shasti to Dasami had also increased in comparison to previous year. The total number of UTS tickets sold from Shasti to Dasami this year increased to 14158761 in comparison to 1406082 during Shasti to Dasami in the previous year.

            The detailed breakup of the UTS ticket sale figure is given in the table below:-

15.10.2018 (SASHTI) 3217414 04.10.2019 (SASHTI) 2809854
16.10.2018 (SAPTAMI) 3018253 05.10.2019 (SAPTAMI) 3114577
17.10.2018 (ASTAMI) 2716051 06.10.2019 (ASTAMI) 2667813
18.10.2018 (NAVAMI) 2827192 07.10.2019 (NAVAMI) 2967823
19.10.2018 (DASAMI) 2281172 08.10.2019 (DASAMI) 2598694
TOTAL 14060082 TOTAL 14158761

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