In COVID-19 Hit Mumbai, Western Railway’s Jagjivan Ram Hospital Also Part of Battle Against Pandemic

Western Railway’s Jagjivan Ram Hospital has turned into a combat zone. A total of 555 COVID-19 patients have been treated in this MM Marg, Mumbai based hospital.

341 cases were positive and 179 patients have been discharged after cure. Another 150 suspected cases were also discharged after treatment. The hospital has created a 172-bed for isolation ward for COVID-19 patients.

By playing an important role in the successful & effective medical management of Coronavirus pandemic & affected patients, JRH has turned as an elixir of life for many patients and their families.

Patients at Jagjivan Ram Hospital are admitted from triage area with proper history and counselling for both patients and relatives.

The dedicated team of medical staff, performing as the brave corona warriors at the frontline, comprises of Doctors – Dr. Alpa, Dr. Shishir, Dr. Sharan and Dr. Savita, Resident Doctors – Dr. Snehal, Dr. Om, Dr. Siddika, Dr. Sravankumar, Dr. Rhishikesh and Dr. Kalyani alongwith other staff including Shri Shailesh, Ms. Reshma, Shri Sanjay Singh, Shri Ganesh and Shri Raju.

For indoor patients and staff working in isolation wards these are some of the ways JRH is taking of them as well as ways lift their spirits during this tough hour:

  1. Hot and cold water dispenser have been arranged for staff and patients. A  20 liters water dispenser has been kept at each ward and 1 liter water bottle is also given to each and every patient daily morning and evening.
  2. Delivery of home cooked food arrangement is done for patients thrice a day. The food is given to patients in disposable containers to maintain proper hygiene.
  3. Smartphones are provided at each floor for better management of patients. ECG , X-RAY, lab investigation reports etc. are communicated through smart phones. Consultation  is also done with outside consultants, thereby developing better  communication between isolation team and consultant to manage cases.
  4. Patients are making video calls to near and dear ones and the relatives are apprised about the patient’ s health .
  5. Doctors, Nursing and other paramedics are doing 8 hrs duty for 7 days followed by 7 days under quarantine and observation.
  6. Arrangement of accommodation of 180 staff is done at Mumbai Central, Dadar, Marine Lines and two hotels at Fort. Food arrangements are made for staff and doctors. For transportation of staff, mini bus is also hired.
  7. There are teams of doctors and paramedics on each floor. Staff and doctors are doing extraordinary work with full  dedication and because of their human touch, empathy and   sincere work, a positive environment is created in the isolation ward when dealing with patients and patients feel relaxed.
  8. Psychological  support is also given by Psychiatrist and Clinical Psychologist by taking rounds and giving counseling by talking to patients to improve their mental health.

Special beds are also being kept reserved for hospital staff/ healthcare workers in case they contract the infection while giving care.

Provision of air conditioning has been made at more wards where feasible natural ventilation with large windows on opposite sides are available in the rest of the wards.

JRH staff have received praise from patients for their dedication to looking after them. The husband of a cancer patient from NFR who was taking cancer treatment at Tata Hospital got infected with COVID-19. He was admitted to JRH, is now cured and discharged. They left for West Bengal by a Shramik Special train after expressing their appreciation for the work of the hospital.

Some patients including a Mumbai Police Constable have posted on social media website – Facebook about the good behaviour of staff and top-class clinical treatment at JRH. Another patient was so happy after having a video call at home and was praising the whole team of JRH.

These are just some of the ways the devoted teams of doctors and medical staff have deeply affected the lives of many who have battled the deadly Coronavirus, where the JRH team became their saviours. Western Railway salutes the dedicated teams of marvellous corona warriors of  Jagjivan Ram Hospital for their splendid determination and valour.

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