SCR: Due to Work for Commissioning of Doubling on NWR, Trains Cancelled, Diverted


Railways to postpone Non-interlocking work  between Bhimana – Mawal stations on Ajmer-Palanpur section of North Western Railway

North Western Railway has decided to postpone the pre-non-interlocking and non-interlocking work for commissioning of patch doubling work between Bhimana–Mawal stations on Ajmer–Palanpur section over Ajmer division till further orders.  

According to press release issued by Shri Ravinder Bhakar–Chief Public Relations Officer of Western Railway, all the trains which were fully cancelled/partially cancelled/Diverted/ Regulated/rescheduled due to this NI work has been restored with immediate effect. Therefore, all  these trains over WR shall now run on proper path/route and their scheduled timings.


Due to Pre-Non-Interlocking works for commissioning of patch doubling work between Bhimana – Mawal stations in Ajmer-Palanpur section in North Western Railway the following trains are partially cancelled/diverted as detailed below: –

       I. Trains Partially Cancelled:

Sl. NoTr. NoFrom – ToJCOPartially cancelled between
122663Chennai– Jodhpur28.12.2019Ahmedabad – Jodhpur
222664Jodhpur – Chennai30.12.2019Jodhpur – Ahmedabad

II.Trains Diverted:

 Sl. NoTr. NoFrom – ToJCODiverted via
117037Secunderabad – Hisar24.12.2019;25.12.2019
  Vadodara, Chittaurgarh,   Ajmer, Phulera, Merta Rd
217038Hisar – Secunderbad27.12.2019; 29.12.2019
Merta Rd, Phulera, Ajmer, Chittaurgarh, Vadodara
317623H.S.Nanded – Sri Ganganagar02.01.2020Bhildi, Samdari
417624Sri Ganganagar-H.S.Nanded28.12.2019Samdari, Bhildi

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