Araku Vistadome to go for periodic overhaul, passengers fume

The Vistadome coach introduced on 58501/02 Visakhapatnam-Kirandul-Visakhapatnam in April 2017, will not be available on this train from May 1 to 31, 2019. Read more »

166 Years of IR: How the Seeds Were Sown in 1831

the idea of constructing railways in India is older and dates back to the year 1831. And if it weren't for a stroke of bad luck, Kolkata, and not Mumbai, could well... Read more »

Relocate Food Stalls on Mumbai Suburban to the Station Entrance

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IR’s Blossoming Affair with Holiday Special Trains

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Non-Interlocked… and Stranded

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Fact Check: Claim by Deccan Herald Article on Electrification is Wrong. It was 4,087 km, not 4.087 km!

It is one of several dubious claims made in a piece by Deccan Herald on the performance of the Railway Ministry under the current govt Read more »

Manifesto Mania: What Congress & BJP Promise for Railways #LokSabha2019

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When IR gives you lemons, make a lemonade

This isn’t the first time that such innovation by catering staff, contracted or railway employee, has been noticed. Read more »

IR’s confusing traction rolling stock policy

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150 years of Bombay – Calcutta connection: The Alfred Viaduct

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