ER: Malda Division Uses Lockdown Period To Amplify Developmental Works

On-board housekeeping system in 6 trains, bio-toilets (230 Nos.), mechanized laundry and green initiatives were implemented in Malda Division Read more »

Railway Projects Under Garib Kalyan Rozgar Abhiyaan Generate 5.5 Lakh Man-Days of Work

Railway projects under Garib Kalyan Rojgar Abhiyaan have so far generated 5.5 lakh mandays of work for more than eleven thousand migrants Read more »

SWR : Speed Of Trains Between Ghatprabha And Chikodi (15.14 KM) Increased

Speed trial of both UP & DN line at 120-124 kmph (10% more than proposed sectional speed of 110 Kmph) was done by SWR on 05/08/2020 Read more »

CR – Mega Block on 9.8.2020

Central Railway, Mumbai Division will operate Mega Block on its suburban sections for carrying out various engineering and maintenance works Read more »

Mission Raftaar: 160 km/h Speed Upgrades On New Delhi-Howrah And New Delhi Mumbai Routes Reviewed

GM said the current lean passenger operation period needs be utilized to maximum extent to carry out the massive work Read more »

Rail Connectivity To North East On A Mission Mode

The development of the region will see new heights with better connectivity Read more »

Bridging the Palk Strait Again: The New Pamban Bridge to Rameswaram

As the old rail link to Rameswaram begins to show its age, Indian Railways has already begun work on a new, taller, double line railway bridge alongside to replace it. Read more »

ECoR Appeals Protestors To Let Trials Happen

Trial runs of goods trains is a pre-step to culminate in running of passenger trains Read more »

WR Removes Permanent Speed Restrictions In Bandra-Khar Section

With the successful completion of this major infrastructural enhancement, W. Rly will now be able to substantially improve the speed of both local as well as Mail/Express trains Read more »

WR Undertakes Infrastructure Upgradation Works

Virar - Surat section of W. Rly is classified as Broad Gauge “A” Route having 414 Track KM at a sectional speed of 130kmph for Rajdhani Express and comprising of section... Read more »