All Indian Railways Coaches Now Fitted with Bio Toilets

Indian Railways has now fitted all of its passenger coaches with bio toilets. Over 68,000 coaches are now fitted with 2.45 lakh bio toilets. Read more »

Central Railway Braces For Mumbai Monsoons, Got Network Ready in Lockdown

Central Railway has geared up with monsoon preparations such has removal of muck, cleaning culverts and drains, trimming trees, scanning boulders etc Read more »

Controlling Train Operations During A COVID-19 Pandemic

The Control Office is the nerve centre of train operations. During a pandemic, are viable disaster recovery plans and redundancy built into the system? Read more »

Railway Ministry Asks State Govts To Plan Ahead For Requirements of Shramik Specials

State governments have been asked by the Ministry of Railways to plan ahead and provide requirements for Shramik Special trains in future Read more »

Outrage All You Want, But Indian Railways Did A Terrific Job In The Lockdown

I take a look at how the Indian Railways did a wonderful job ensuring that the country had food and fuel during the lockdown, and why the outrage over diverted trains is... Read more »

Indian Railways Increases Advance Reservation Period of Special Trains to 120 Days

Indian Railways has decided to increase the advance reservation period of special trains to 120 days. Tatkal and Current Booking to be allowed Read more »

SCR Undertakes Track Maintenance on War Footing in Lockdown

South Central Railway has taken up track maintenance work on a war footing during the lockdown, making it the zone having done the highest amount of maintenance work during the period Read more »

Fact Check: No, A Shramik Special Train (or 40) Didn’t ‘Lose Its Way’

Did 40 trains really decide to go to Odisha instead of UP? Did the drivers want to meet their in-laws? What really happened? Find out here. Read more »

Trains via Jolarpettai to Save Time With New Signalling, Remodeled Yard

Trains likely to save time on the Chennai-Bangalore and Chennai Salem Coimbatore routes thanks to yard remodelling and improvement works at Jolarpettai Read more »

Shramik Specials Trains Stuck Between Bhusawal and Itarsi on CR and WCR. Officials Blame Congestion.

Shramik Special trains carrying migrants to their home states have piled up on the section between Jalgaon and Hoshangabad of Central and West Central Railways Read more »