Southern Railway Adds 4 Specials to Earlier List of Intra-State Trains

Southern Railway has decided to add four more intra-state special trains to the list announced earlier. See details inside. Read more »

New Intra-State Special Trains for Tamil Nadu, See List and Schedule

Southern Railway will start several intra-state special trains between Coimbatore and Chennai. See details and schedules inside Read more »

CR: Special Parcel Trains To Run Between Mumbai and Shalimar, Chennai Till 31st Dec 2020

Central Railway has decided to run Parcel Special trains between Mumbai and Kolkata, Chennai till the end of the year, according to a statement Read more »

SR: Various Parcel Services Introduced Between Rajkot and Coimbatore, Chennai and Delhi, and other Routes

Introduction of Parcel Train services between various locations across the country as well as schedule changes Read more »

SR: Daily Parcel Special Between Chennai and Mumbai

Central Railway has advised the running of Daily Parcel Cargi Express Special Service between Mumbai CST and Dr MGR Chennai Central as follows. Read more »

SR: Daily Parcel Trains from Chennai to Nagercoil, New Delhi, Coimbatore; Thiruvananthapuram to Kozikhode

Southern Railway to run daily parcel trains from Chennai to Nagercoil, Delhi for movement of goods during the lockdown Read more »

130 kmph on Golden Quadrilateral, Diagonals by March 2021: Indian Railways Sets Itself a Stiff Target

Indian Railways will have to clear several bottlenecks along the golden quadrilateral and golden diagonal routes if the sectional speed is to be raised to 130 kmph . Read more »

Mumbai -Chennai trains to be speeded up starting July 1, 2020

Mumbai -Chennai trains to be speeded up starting July 1, 2020.Mumbai-Chennai -Mumbai Mail is the biggest beneficiary. Read more »

High Speed Rail: Six Potential Corridors in Addition to Mumbai-Ahmedabad Identified: CRB

Indian Railways has identified six routes for upgrades to high speed rail services. These routes connect Delhi with Varanasi and Amritsar, Mumbai with Nagpur and Hyderabad and Chennai with Bengaluru and Mysuru Read more »

WR: Two Special Trains Between Bandra Terminus and Bikaner, Ahmedabad and Chennai

Western Railway has planned to run two additional special trains on special fare between Bandra Terminus & Bikaner, Ahmedabad and Chennai. The details of these trains are as follows Read more »