SER Upgrades Max Speed to 130 km/h on Andul-Kharagpur Section

Maximum speeds on several sections have been upgraded in SER. Andul-Kharagpur has been upgraded to 130 km/h while other sections get improvements also Read more »

Nearly 40k Kilometres of Indian Railways Electrified By April 2020, Minister Tells LS

Indian Railways has electrified 40 thousand route kilometres of lines so far and plans to complete 100% electrification by December 2023 Read more »

Indian Railways Needs 50 Lakh Crores Capex Till 2030: Piyush Goyal to LS

50 lakh crores is needed over 10 years to modernize and increase capacity on the Indian Railways, Minister Goyal told Lok Sabha Read more »

Hub and Spoke Model To Be Introduced on Indian Railways: Piyush Goyal to LS

Railway Minister Piyush Goyal talked about the plan to introduce the Hub and Spoke model gradually on Indian Railways Read more »

Southern Railway Plans 110 MWp Solar Power on Unused, Trackside Land

Trackside land and vacant areas are to be used by Southern Railway to install around 110 MWp of solar power Read more »

Kosi Mahasetu, 12 Projects Inaugurated by Prime Minister Modi in Bihar

PM Modi has inaugurated several railway infrastructure projects in Bihar today, including the important Kosi Mahasetu bridge Read more »

Indian Railways to Demand User Charges at 1,000+ Key Stations?

Indian Railways to begin charging user fees from passengers at around 1000 stations soon, say top officials Read more »

यात्री जनता की सुविधा हेतु, सीतामढ़़ी-आनंद विहार टर्मिनस-सीतामढ़ी विशेष गाड़ी का संचलन

इस गाड़ी के सभी कोच आरक्षित श्रेणी के लगाये जायेंगे। यह गाड़ी सीतामढ़ी से आनन्द विहार टर्मिनस तक पूर्णतः विद्युत इंजन चालित है Read more »

यात्रियों के सुविधा के लिए, उत्‍तर मध्‍य रेलवे चला रहा हैं पूर्ण आरक्षित क्लोन विशेष गाड़ियों – विवरण इस प्रकार

रेल प्रशासन द्वारा यात्रियों की सुविधा हेतु पूर्ण आरक्षित क्लोन विशेष गाड़ियों का संचालन Read more »

Electric Locomotive Allocation and Transfer Updates

List of electric loco allocations updated regularly. Please keep checking page for updates. Read more »