SER: Howrah-Bhubaneswar Special Train Rescheduled by 50 Minutes

Howrah Bhubaneswar Special has been rescheduled at the request of the West Bengal Government for 7 days. See details inside Read more »

SWR: Stoppages Eliminated for Bengaluru-Danapur Special, Howrah-Yesvantpur Special From 4th June

Stoppages at Chennai and other places have been eliminated for the Bengaluru Danapur Special train. Howrah Yesvantpur Special to start from 4th June Read more »

SWR: Additional Parcel Trains to Kolkata, Gorakhpur, Delhi from Bengaluru

South Western Railway will run additional Parcel Trains from Bengaluru to Kolkata, Delhi and Gorakhpur and stop at several points on the route. Details inside Read more »

130 kmph on Golden Quadrilateral, Diagonals by March 2021: Indian Railways Sets Itself a Stiff Target

Indian Railways will have to clear several bottlenecks along the golden quadrilateral and golden diagonal routes if the sectional speed is to be raised to 130 kmph . Read more »

160 kph: Speed increase on New Delhi-Howrah/Mumbai routes moves forward, Railway Board seeks detailed estimates

The objective is to reduce travel time of Howrah Rajdhani from 17 hours to 12 hours and from Mumbai Rajdhani 15.5 hours to 10 hours. Read more »

Piyush Goyal inaugurates 3 projects on ER

Three projects on ER's Howrah, Sealdah and Malda divisions inaugurated. Read more »

SER: Cancellation of Local Train Services for Doubling Work between Baltikuri and Mourigram

Local Trains will be cancelled due to Doubling Work on Howrah-Amta section, the following trains will be cancelled: Read more »

SER: Cancellation of Local Train Services for Doubling Work

In view of 5-day Non-Interlocking Work for Doubling Work between Baltikuri and Mourigram in Howrah-Amta section, trains will be cancelled Read more »

SR: Special Train from Chennai to Howrah on 20th December

A special fare special train is being run between Chennai and Howrah in Kolkata to clear the extra rush of passengers on 20th December Read more »


Train services in Howrah-Kharagpur section have been disrupted due to Public Agitation staged at Uluberia on non-railway issue. Nearly 200 to 250 people obstructed UP & DN line at Uluberia from 15.22 hrs.... Read more »