SWR: Stoppages Eliminated for Bengaluru-Danapur Special, Howrah-Yesvantpur Special From 4th June

Stoppages at Chennai and other places have been eliminated for the Bengaluru Danapur Special train. Howrah Yesvantpur Special to start from 4th June Read more »

Karnataka Becomes First State To Start Intra-State Trains with SWR

SWR has started the first intra-state trains in Karnataka with the Bengaluru-Belagavi Express on a tri weekly frequency and Bengaluru Mysuru Daily service Read more »

Special Trains To Run Between Mumbai and Bengaluru, Gadag

Special Trains to run between Mumbai and Bengaluru, Gadag from 1st June 20020 Read more »

SWR: Two Intra-State Train Services To Start in Karnataka Between Bengaluru and Belagavi, Mysuru from 1 June

South Western Railway has decided to start two non AC trains from Bengaluru to Belagavi and Mysuru. Online bookings to start soon. Read more »

Three Special Trains From Delhi, Five To Delhi to Depart Today

Indian Railways passenger services will resume from today with special AC trains starting from Delhi to Bengaluru, Dibrugarh and Bilaspur while trains from Howrah, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Patna and Bengaluru will leave for... Read more »

SWR Dispatches Shrami Special Trains To Lucknow And Darbhanga From Bengaluru

SWR Dispatched Four Shramik Special Trains to Lucknow, Darbhanga and Hatia from various locations in Bengaluru division Read more »

SWR: Shramik Special Trains Sent to Lucknow, Danapur and Hatia from Bengaluru Today

Four Shramik Special Trains were operated by South Western Railway to Lucknow, Danapur and Hatia from Bengaluru Division today Read more »

SWR: Two Shramik Special Trains Helped 2,390 Migrants Get Back Home

SWR organised two Shramik Special Trains to help almost 2,400 migrants get back home to Odisha and Bihar Read more »

Indian Railways Now Transporting E-Commerce Goods on Parcel Trains

South Western Railway Bengaluru Division has bagged transportation of ecommerce marketplace consignments via parcel trains. Over 11 tons of goods have been shipped through Parcel trains for these operators. Read more »

SWR: Additional Parcel Trains to Kolkata, Gorakhpur, Delhi from Bengaluru

South Western Railway will run additional Parcel Trains from Bengaluru to Kolkata, Delhi and Gorakhpur and stop at several points on the route. Details inside Read more »