Three Special Trains From Delhi, Five To Delhi to Depart Today

Indian Railways passenger services will resume from today with special AC trains starting from Delhi to Bengaluru, Dibrugarh and Bilaspur while trains from Howrah, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Patna and Bengaluru will leave for... Read more »

SCR: Six Milk Trains, called Doodh Durontos, to run Between Renigunta and Delhi

South Central Railway will run additional Doodh Duronto Milk Special Trains between Renigunta and Nizamuddin Delhi to ensure continued milk supply Read more »

NFR Runs 88 Parcel Trains to Ferry Essentials to North-East

Northeast Frontier Railway has so far run 88 trips of Parcel Special Trains carrying various products. These trains were run like normal passenger trains with fixed departure/arrival time and date. Read more »

SR: Various Parcel Services Introduced Between Rajkot and Coimbatore, Chennai and Delhi, and other Routes

Introduction of Parcel Train services between various locations across the country as well as schedule changes Read more »

SWR: Additional Parcel Trains to Kolkata, Gorakhpur, Delhi from Bengaluru

South Western Railway will run additional Parcel Trains from Bengaluru to Kolkata, Delhi and Gorakhpur and stop at several points on the route. Details inside Read more »

SR: Daily Parcel Trains from Chennai to Nagercoil, New Delhi, Coimbatore; Thiruvananthapuram to Kozikhode

Southern Railway to run daily parcel trains from Chennai to Nagercoil, Delhi for movement of goods during the lockdown Read more »

SWR to run Timetabled Weekly Parcel Express Between Bengaluru and Delhi

South Western Railway has decided to run a weekly timetabled Parcel Special Express Train between Yesvantpur and Nizamuddin for two trips during the lockdown period. Read more »

130 kmph on Golden Quadrilateral, Diagonals by March 2021: Indian Railways Sets Itself a Stiff Target

Indian Railways will have to clear several bottlenecks along the golden quadrilateral and golden diagonal routes if the sectional speed is to be raised to 130 kmph . Read more »

Station Redevelopment: Contracts Awarded for Bijwasan and Anand Vihar in Delhi, Gomtinagar in Lucknow and Chandigarh: Piyush Goyal

Stations being planned for redevelopment to make them congestion-free and passenger friendly. Contracts awarded for Anand Vihar, Bijwasan in Delhi, Gomtinagar in Lucknow and Chandigarh, according to Piyush Goyal in Lok Sabha Read more »

High Speed Rail: Six Potential Corridors in Addition to Mumbai-Ahmedabad Identified: CRB

Indian Railways has identified six routes for upgrades to high speed rail services. These routes connect Delhi with Varanasi and Amritsar, Mumbai with Nagpur and Hyderabad and Chennai with Bengaluru and Mysuru Read more »