“Gaadi bula rahi hai.” A New Era in Railway Reporting and Analysis

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Mumbai suburban, Now and Future of Mumbai’s Lifeline

Shri Piyush Goyal, Minister for Railways, Coal, Finance and Corporate Affairs, Govt of India, writes about the Mumbai Suburban railway network, its importance to the smooth functioning of the metropolis and how... Read more »

Remembering George Fernandes is remembering life during the Railway Strike

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The Indian Railways’ Strike: Some Memories

With the sad passing away of George Fernandes, it is time to reminisce about the Railway Strike during the Emergency. What we present are the memories of some of our acquaintances who... Read more »

[UPDATED] Opinion: A Halt Cancelled

Some were skeptical, some were aghast, some were plain surprised. Such was the nature of the decision of Southern Railway to provide an experimental halt at Ambattur for two trains Read more »

Opinion: Does the extension of Chennai Bengaluru Express to Mysuru really make up for diversion of the Bengaluru-Mangaluru Express?

Going by popular demand, Train Nos 12609/10 Chennai – Bengaluru City – Chennai Expresses have been extended to MYS effective 15 January, 2019. This was done apparently to compensate passengers between Bengaluru... Read more »

Indian Railways 2.0

Indian Railways (IR) is at the cusp of transformation. The soon-to-be-introduced Train 18, capable of hitting 180 kmph, replacement of level crossings by road over / road under bridges, better passenger amenities,... Read more »

Policy: An app a day keeps users away.

Is the Indian Railways’ overload of user-facing mobile apps driving away passengers? IR now has more than 50 mobile apps available for use by the public at large, according to a report... Read more »