WR : Jagjivan Ram Hospital Designs Web Enabled Application For Covid Patients

The web-based app logs the entire patient flow for COVID treatment, right from the entry into the triage of the hospital till they are discharged Read more »

Southern Railway Fast Tracks Paperless Office Culture

The number of digital files of Southern Railway offices on NIC e-office platform has increased more than 4 times during the past 4 months Read more »

Old Railway Sleepers Get New Life as Boundary Wall Along High-Speed Lines

North Central Railway has started reusing old and unused PSC railway sleepers to build fencing or boundary walls alongside high speed tracks. Read more »

SWR : Speed Of Trains Between Ghatprabha And Chikodi (15.14 KM) Increased

Speed trial of both UP & DN line at 120-124 kmph (10% more than proposed sectional speed of 110 Kmph) was done by SWR on 05/08/2020 Read more »

SER : Regulation Of Special Trains

In view of complete lockdown on 20th, 21st, 27th and 28th August, 2020 in West Bengal, it has been decided that the special train services will be regulated Read more »

Mannequins Covered With Mask In Rail Museum, Hubballi

To spread the message of wearing masks as a social responsibility as part of preventive measures against the coronavirus, SWR has put on Masks on life-size mannequins Read more »

Intensive Cleanliness Drive Launched On Central Railway

On Bhusaval division, at various locations like coaching depots, station premises, abandoned railway sidings, coaches of mail/express trains were thoroughly cleaned with a special focus on cleaning of coach toilets. Read more »

NCR : General Manager Reviewes Works Related to Speed Raising In New Delhi-Howrah And New Delhi Mumbai trunk Routes to 160 Kmph

Requirement of boundary wall to be constructed by NCR and that proposed for construction through PPP needs to be clearly identified. Read more »

Cancellation Of Special Trains Due To Lockdown In West Bengal On 20, 21, 27, 28 & 31 August, 2020

Cancellation in view of lockdown declared in entire West Bengal by the State Govt. Read more »

WR To Observe Week Long Cleanliness Drive

184 Kg of Plastic waste, 1828 Kg of Dry Waste and 1190 Kg of Wet Waste were collected at Stations, Depots and Trains. Read more »