Speeds Upgraded to 130 Kmph For 9 Trains On ECR, MPS Raised On Other Sections

East Central Railway has increased the maximum speed limit of 9 more trains running on Jhajha-Pandit DeenDayal Upadhyay section. With this, 21 trains are now being operated in Danapur division at a maximum speed of 130 km per hour.

The speed upgrade is expected to result in improved punctuality. The following trains have received a speed upgrade:

  1. 02567/02568 Saharsa-Patna-Saharsa Special
  2. 04019/04020 Anandvihar Terminal-Agartala-Anandvihar Terminal Special
  3. 03245-03246 Rajendranagar Terminal-New Jalpaiguri-Rajendranagar Terminal Special
  4. 05485/05486 Katihar-Delhi-Katihar Special
  5. 02787/02788 Secunderabad- Danapur- Secunderabad Special
  6. 03391/03392 Rajgir-New Delhi-Rajgir Special
  7. 03293/03294 Rajendranagar Terminal-New Delhi-Rajendranagar Terminal Special
  8. 06509/06510 Bengaluru-Danapur-Bengaluru Special
  9. 09447/09448 Ahmedabad-Patna

Speed upgrades on other East Central Railway sections

Maximum permissible speeds have also been increased by East Central Railway on several important sections.

  • MPS between Dauram Madhepura and Murliganj was increased from 50 km per hour to 100 km.
  • MPS between Murliganj and Banmankhi has been raised from 75 kmph to 100 kmph and from Banmankhi to Purnia Court has been increased from 60 kmph to 100 kmph.
  • MPS is being increased from 70 kmph to 100 kmph on the down-line between Kursela and Kadhagola road stations of Barauni-Katihar railway division of Sonpur division.
  • On the down line of Mohiuddinanagar-Bachwara of Sonpur division, 75 km per hour 90 km and Raxaul-Chhodadano railway line 50 km per hour to 80 km per hour and 70 km to 100 km per hour on the Kursela-Karhagola railway line.

Indian Railways is currently working on upgrading all trunk routes on the Golden Quadrilateral and its diagonals to 130 kmph.

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