Nearly 40k Kilometres of Indian Railways Electrified By April 2020, Minister Tells LS

Indian Railways has electrified 40 thousand route kilometres of lines so far and plans to complete 100% electrification by December 2023 Read more »

March 2021: When the Mumbai-Chennai Railway Route Will Be Fully Doubled, Electrified

The long delayed Mumbai-Chennai doubling and electrification work is expected to finally complete by March 2021. See work status details and more inside Read more »

SWR: Kariganuru-Harlapur Section Electrified, CRS Inspection Soon

Electrification work on the Bellari-Harlapur section of South Western Railway has been completed with the commissioning of a traction substation at Kariganuru in Karnataka Read more »

Condemn 2,500 Diesels ASAP, Make Indian 10-12k hp Electric Locos by 2022: Ministry tells Railway Board

The railway ministry wants half the diesel loco fleet to be scrapped as soon as possible, and wants the railways to produce high horse power electric locos in India Read more »

Electrification: CORE Plans 4,056 Route Km Completion In FY 2020-21. See Detailed Table

Electrification of more than 4,000 kilometres of route has been planned by CORE for the year 2020-21 despite the hurdles faced due to the COVID-19 pandemic Read more »

SER: Bankura-Sonamukhi Electrification Work Complete, CRS Inspection on 18th July

Electrification work on the Bankura Sonamukhi section of the Bankura Masagram line has been completed and is to be inspected on 18th July, according to SER Read more »

Indian Railways Creates A New World Benchmark By Successfully Running 1st Double Stack Container Train In High Rise OHE Electrified Sections

Indian Railways created a new world benchmark by commissioning 1st high rise OverHead Equipment (OHE), which has contact wire height of 7.57 metre and successfully run double stack containers in electrified territory... Read more »

Western Railways’s Rajkot And Bhavnagar Divisions Now On Map Of Electric Traction

Western Railways Rajkot and Bhavnagar Divisions are now on the electric traction map of the Indian Railways network. Read more »

Indian Railways Pumped 1.46 Lakh Crores As Capex in FY19-20, Electrified 5,782 km of Route

Indian Railways has pumped in Rs. 1.46 lakh crores as capital expenditure in the financial year 2019-20, according to a statement by the ministry Read more »

First Traction Sub Station Over Hubballi Division Of SWR Energised

Yesterday night at odd hours was a historic moment for Hubballi Division of SWR as its first Traction Substation at Bellary to get energized and made live under Open Access policy Read more »