Indian Railways Trains Will Soon Have Content on Demand

Content on Demand to soon become available on Indian Railways trains and stations. Railtel to work with Zee Entertainment subsidiary to bring make content available. Read more »

WR: Additional General Second Class Coaches in 19 Trains on Permanent Basis

W.Rly will be augmenting additional General Second Class coaches in the following 19 pairs of trains on a permanent basis from 15th January 2020 Read more »

CR: LHB Conversion – 5th Rake of Mumbai-Nagercoil Express, 4th Rake of Udyan, Siddheshwar Express

Railways have converted the 5th and final rake of 16339/16340 Mumbai – Nagercoil Express and 16351/16352 Mumbai-Nagercoil Express into LHB rake on permanent basis as well as 4th rake of Udyan and... Read more »

Bedrolls for all Garib Rath passengers, May 2020 onwards

All Garib Rath passengers will be charged Rs 25 for bedroll at the time of booking tickets. Earlier, passengers had the option to either book a bedroll while booking or ask for... Read more »

WR: Four Additional AC Three Tier Coaches on Bandra Terminus Kanpur Central Express

Western Railway has added four AC 3 Tier coaches in Train No. 22443/22444 Bandra (T)- Kanpur Central (weekly) Super Fast Express on permanent basis. More details inside Read more »

WR: Bandra Gorakhpur, Bandra Muzaffarpur Avadh Express to get LHB Rake

Western Railway has decided to replace the 5th conventional rake of Train No. 19037/38 Bandra Terminus –Gorakhpur Avadh Express and Train No. 19039/40 Bandra Terminus– Muzaffarpur Avadh Express with LHB rakes Read more »

CR: Siddheshwar and Udyan Express get 3rd LHB Rake

Central Railway will convert the third rake out of 4 rakes of 11301/11302 Mumbai – KSR Bengaluru Udyan Express and 12115/12116 Mumbai-Solapur Siddheshwar Express into LHB rake on a permanent basis Read more »

Features and Amenities onboard Ahmedabad-Mumbai Tejas Express, Second Premium Train by IRCTC

This fully air-conditioned train shall have two Executive Class Chair Cars having 56 seats each and Eight Chair Cars having a capacity of 78 seats each. The total carrying capacity of... Read more »

WR: One Train Gets Additional Coaches Permanently, 12 Trains Temporarily

Western Railway has decided to augment additional coaches in one pair of train on a permanent basis while in another 13 pair of trains on a temporary basis Read more »

SCR: New Passenger Friendly Information System at Anakapalle Station in Vijayawada Division

The Passenger Information system comprises of a At a Glance Display Board of the status of various train timings and Coach Guidance Display Board with the Coach Composition position of a train Read more »