SWR Hits 200 Shramik Specials Mark, Ferrying 3 Lakh Passengers Home

South Western Railway has hit the 200 Shramik Special train mark and has ferried almost 3 lakh passengers back home so far Read more »

Various Zones Flag Off Special Train Services Today

Special train services were flagged off by several zones today, including Western Railway, Central Railway, South Western Railway and Northeast Frontier Railway Read more »

SWR Starts Transporting Kia Motors SUVs to Delhi by NMG Wagons

South Western Railway has dispatched two NMG wagon rakes full of SUVs from Kia Motors plant near Penukonda in Andhra Pradesh to Delhi. Read more »

SWR: Stoppages Eliminated for Bengaluru-Danapur Special, Howrah-Yesvantpur Special From 4th June

Stoppages at Chennai and other places have been eliminated for the Bengaluru Danapur Special train. Howrah Yesvantpur Special to start from 4th June Read more »

First Traction Sub Station Over Hubballi Division Of SWR Energised

Yesterday night at odd hours was a historic moment for Hubballi Division of SWR as its first Traction Substation at Bellary to get energized and made live under Open Access policy Read more »

SWR: 175 Shramik Specials Operated, Taking 2.47 Lakh Passengers Home

South Western Railway has operated a total of 175 Shramik Special trains to transport almost 2.5 lakh passengers back home. Read more »

SR/SWR: Refund Of Ticket Fares For Trains Cancellation On Account Of Covid-19

SR and SWR announce Refund of PRS tickets for trains which were cancelled by the Railways. Read more »

Karnataka Becomes First State To Start Intra-State Trains with SWR

SWR has started the first intra-state trains in Karnataka with the Bengaluru-Belagavi Express on a tri weekly frequency and Bengaluru Mysuru Daily service Read more »

SWR Ferries 1,62,300 Passengers In 116 Shramik Special Trains

SWR sent him 1.6 lakh passengers by 116 Shramik Special Trains since 2nd May. Eight trains were dispatched on 21st May Read more »

Special Trains To Run Between Mumbai and Bengaluru, Gadag

Special Trains to run between Mumbai and Bengaluru, Gadag from 1st June 20020 Read more »