ICF : Effective steps to check mosquito menace and check the spread of dengue in and around ICF

ICF being a front runner in not only the manufacture of railway coaches, but also on the social front, has been actively involved in various green measures. Chennai city is presently facing the imminent threat of dengue fever with the spread of mosquitoes everywhere. ICF, as a responsible Central Government organization under the Ministry of Railways, has been taking all effective steps to check the same. In ICF, there are about 10,500 employees and a majority of them are residing in 4 ICF colonies with their family members. To safeguard their health and prevent the spread of dengue ICF has been taking various steps. For the past few days, a team of Health and Engineering branch officials are involved in mosquito control activities. Larvicidal spray is being carried out covering all the rain water stagnated area like open drains, GLR and HLT, to kill the mosquitoes in the larva stage itself. In addition, a separate team is being organized by involving skilled operators for adulticide operation, handling thermal fogging machines to cover the outside residential areas like backyard of the quarters and inside the factory premises, to eradicate the grown up mosquitoes. These operations are being carried out all over ICF factory premises as well as all the four residential colonies. These activities will be carried out in a continuous and in safe manner ensuring no harm to either employees/colony residents, till the life cycle of the mosquito is contained. In addition, stagnated water is being cleaned in all the places and also bushes are being trimmed. Awareness program is being conducted by the ICF scouts & Guides by issuing pamphlets about Dengue awareness among the colony members and Public.  All the activities are being carried out as per the guidelines of Directorate of National Vector borne Disease Control Programme (NVBDCP). With these effective steps, ICF administration is sure to contain the mosquito menace and by extension, the spread of dengue fever in ICF campus and its surrounding areas.

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