Push-Pull Rajdhani with WAP-7s receives RDSO speed certificate

Research Design and Standards Organisation (RDSO) may have just paved the way for faster Rajdhani operations. It recently issued a speed certificate for a Push-Pull rake configuration between CSMT and New Delhi via Nasik and Bhusawal.

The certificate allows a rake with a WAP-7 locomotive on either end of a 20 LHB coach consist to run at 130 kph between Tughlakabad and Lalitpur.

The RDSO has also amended the speed certificate, and made it mandatory for zonal railways on the route to measure various parameters on such runs at least once a month. The measurements are to be carried out at the last coach of the Push-Pull rake. Similar measurements are to be carried out on a regular single loco hauled mail or express rake. The data is to be sent to RDSO for review.

Push-Pull configurations, with locomotives at either ends of the rake, are expected to simplify various operational issues. They are likely to speed up turnaround and shunting of trains at stations, and should in theory improve acceleration and braking performance on high speed runs.

The RDSO speed certificate is another step in paving the way for use of Push-Pull rakes on the CSMT – New Delhi section, starting with the new 22221/22222 CSMT – Nizamuddin Rajdhani Express.

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