Railway Board Restructured – Three Posts Surrendered

The Appointments Committee of Union Cabinet has reorganised the Railway Board.

In a notification on Wednesday, the Appointments Committee appointed a five-member Board according to functional areas.

Vinod Kumar Yadav, the present Chairman was redesignated as Chairman and CEO.

Pradeep Kumar/IRSSE has been designated as Member (Infrastructure) and P C Sharma/IRSS is the new Member (Traction & Rolling Stock).P S Mishra/IRTS is the new Member (Operations & Business Development) while Ms Manjula Rangarajan/IRAS is the new Member ( Finance).

The posts of Member (Engineering), Member (Staff) and Member (Materials Management) have been surrendered as per the reorganisation of the Railway Board at the apex level.

Meanwhile, the present Member ( Traction) Rajesh Tiwari/IRSEE has been re-designated as Director General ( Safety) an apex level post which is vacant as on date.

The committee ordered that RajeshTiwari will succeed P C Sharma as Member (Traction & Rolling Stock) when the latter demits office on September 30, 2020.

The post of Member (Rolling Stock) has been utilised to create an apex level position of Director General (HR) in the Railway Board.

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  1. The Re org of Rly Board and hence railways is really appropriate and contemprary need to suit present days requirement. The reorganisation is required at Zonal, Div level also to reap full benefit. The present org set up is, since rlys inception almost and thinking of changes itself is a great step initiated by Hon MR MOSR, CRB and their team members with the conceptulisation by our Hon PM the great visionery of Bharath mahan. The IRMS sjould also take off soon

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