Two-day block to strengthen Nagpur's diamond crossing

The famed diamond crossing at Nagpur- an intersection of two double lines, one set entering Nagpur goods yard from Itarsi side and the other set towards Itwari was just strengthened using pre-stressed concrete (PSC) sleepers.

[Some famous stations with diamond crossings include Delhi Junction outskirts, Dhanbad (intersecting Central Industrial Coalfields sections and the now defunct Dhanbad – Jharia-Pathardih line) .Bhusaval (yard entry from Itarsi side), Mughalsarai(yard entry from Patna side),Ratlam (broad gauge-metre gauge diamond crossing) and outskirts of Allahabad (twin single line intersection to form a diamond)]

Works were completed in two phases on January 9 and 10, 2020. Both phases were 5 hours and 15 minutes long with four hours provided from track works (engineering block), 45 minutes for overhead wires (traction distribution or TRD block) and 30 minutes each for S&T (signal and telecom).

How it was done

First, the traction bond cables (over head wires) were removed by the traction distribution department (Electrical).

Then, the axle counter of both the UP and Down goods lines from Godhani (Itarsi side) was removed. All parts of the existing diamond (number 10 and 11) were removed including the rail and sleeper.

Ballast was leveled, obstructions were removed a new diamond plate with PSC sleepers. Then, rails weighing 60 kg and 52 kg were inserted the diamonds 10 and 11. This meshing was done to fortify the track alignment.

This was followed by tightening of all fitting, lifting, packing and aligning of track.

The alignment of overhead wires was checked for passenger and goods line or any obstructions post insertion of the new special diamond. There was no change in alignment and height of track for passenger and goods line.

Finally the axle counter of both the UP and Down goods lines from Godhani was fixed.

 During the engineering block no trains were received /dispatched on platforms 1 to 7 from Kalamna side during phase 1. Similarly no goods trains were received /dispatched to and from Godhani. After the block, trains were admitted on piloting and dispatched on authority.

 Train movement from Nagpur yard to and fro Godhani via main line was not affected.

There was no OHE block during the engineering block. When the signals works were being executed, trains were run on paper authority.

 The same process was repeated was replacement of diamonds 9 and 12 during phase 2. The only difference – no trains were received /dispatched on platforms 1 to 7 from Itwari side during phase 2 of the engineering block.

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