SCR: Andhra Pradesh Allows Intra-State Travel, But Some Stoppages Eliminated

See list of trains and stoppages allowed or eliminated after Andhra Pradesh state government has allowed intra state travel Read more »

SCR: Andhra Pradesh Restricts Intra-State Travel, Passengers Boarding and Alighting Within State To Get Ticket Refund

Due to restrictions imposed by the state, intra-state travel will not be allowed in Andhra Pradesh. As a result, no tickets will be allowed for travel within the state Read more »

ECoR: No Trains At Puri Station Till Further Notice, Trains to Terminate at Bhubaneswar

Puri station has been shut down by East Coast Railway till further notice as per request of the state government of Odisha Read more »

SR/SWR: Refund Of Ticket Fares For Trains Cancellation On Account Of Covid-19

SR and SWR announce Refund of PRS tickets for trains which were cancelled by the Railways. Read more »

SER: Zone Prepares to Bear Brunt of Cyclone Amphan

South Eastern Railway has prepared the system to face the full onslaught of Cyclone Amphan, expected to make landfall on Wednesday Read more »

ECoR Preps for Cyclone, Shramik Specials Suspended, AC Specials Diverted

Shramik Special Trains have been suspended and AC specials diverted as East Coast Railway gears up to face the brunt of Cyclone Amphan Read more »

UPDATED: Lockdown Refund Rules Changed for Railway Tickets, Simple Table & Details Inside

Indian Railways has improved lockdown refund rules for ticket cancellations during the lockdown period. Details available inside. Read more »

Indian Railways Cancels Normal Train Services Till 30th June 2020

Indian Railways has decided to cancel all regular train services till 30th of June 2020. Shramik Special and Lockdown Special Trains will continue to operate Read more »

Indian Railways Regular Passenger Services to Remain Cancelled till 17th May

Cancellation of all passenger train services on Indian Railways shall be extended till 17th May 2020. Read more »

Indian Railways Extends Passenger Service Cancellation till May 3rd

Indian Railways has extended cancellation of all passenger services upto the end of May 3rd 2020 in accordance with the extension of the national lockdown Read more »