ER: New Line, Doubling Works to be Commissioned in April, May 2019

Lists of Sections to be Commissioned, Total Works in Progress on Eastern Railway below

Eastern Railway (ER) is likely to commission a slew of works over the next few months. These are works related to new line construction, or doubling, tripling and quadrupling projects that have been underway or quite a while.

Most of these projects were part of targets to be achieved in the financial year 2018-19, but have been delayed for one or more of an array of issues.

ER has performed comparatively better than most zonal counterparts on Indian Railways. It managed to achieve 36% of its target for construction of new lines in FY2018-19.

Out of a target of 208 km of doubling/tripling/ quadrupling and 28 km of new line construction, ER was able to commission almost 85 km of line doubling in the previous financial year.

The spillover targets of FY 18-19 have left ER with a total target of 248 km of line commissioning in FY 19-20. This includes new works for the current FY of 96 km and 151 km brought over from FY 18-19.

List of works to be commissioned on Eastern Railway

Name of ProjectSectionType of ProjectLength (in km)Expected Commissioning By
Hansdiha-GoddaHansdiha-PoreyahatNew Line15.00June 2019
Mile-5B-N/AliporeMile-5B-N/AliporeDoubling1.67April 2019
Kanknara-Naihati 4th lineKanknara-Naihati 4th lineQuadrupling2.62April 2019
Pirpainti- BhagalpurKahalgaon – LailakhaDoubling16.06April 2019
Boinchi-ShaktigarhDebipur – PalsitDoubling16.82May 2019
Nimtita – New Farakka (25.42 KM)Nimtita – DhuliangangaDoubling9.92May 2019
Manigram-NimititaSujnipara-NimititaDoubling7.00May 2019
Bazarsau – Azimganj (42.15 KM)Azimganj- Lalbagh courtDoubling7.20April 2019
Bazarsau – Azimganj (42.15 KM)Lalbagcourt-Khagraghat RoadDoubling7.40July 2019
Bazarsau – Azimganj (42.15 KM)Khagraghat-KarnasubarnaDoubling10.84February 2020
Dankuni – Chandanpur 4th LineDankuni – Gobra- BaruiparaQuadrupling11.28June 2019
Naihati-RanaghatNaihati-KalyaniDoubling10.37February 2020
Bandel- Boinchi 3rd LineKhanyan – MagraTripling8.94December 2019
Katwa – Bazarsau (30.59 KM)Katwa-GangatikuriDoubling10.36August 2019
Katwa – Bazarsau (30.59 KM)Tenya-BazarsauDoubling6.98December 2019

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  1. What is the target date for commissioning electrification between Manigram-Jangipur-New Farakka section of ER?

  2. When will trains run by electric locomotive upto New Jalpaiguri from Howrah / Sealdah / Kolkata ?

    1. Rumours are there that in future once the 3rd line is completed between nahati-ranaghat several north bengal trains will be routed via this line.

  3. When will 13149/13150 Kanchankanya Express & 12345/12346 Saraighat Express run by Electric Locomotive ?

    1. A soon as NJP ELoco Shed will be ready , most of the train will change traction in NJP. By 2023, we can Expect Upto Guwahati. But Most Import is doubling. Some portion is going in good progress. But Like Katwa -New Farakka it is very much depressing. In the NFR Part major hurdle is Teesta and Jaldhaka Rail bridge. They have almost completed. But Due to the COVID 19, I am very much doubtful about all of these. Still we can hope.

  4. In which year we can expect Kamrup Express and Teesta Torsa Express to run by Electric Locomotive ?

  5. Could someone please provide any update on the work of Naihati to Kalyani Triple line? Also any update on Kalyani to Ranaghat stretch as well?

    1. Work is going on in full force, despite Covid-19 things are on fast track, New platforms are being constructed in Halisahar, Already completed in Kanchrapara, Track laying is yet to be done, But rst all jobs are on full force, New overbridge is also being made in halisahar also new railway’s station road. Rumours were that once this 3rd line gets completed various north bengal will pass through this route instead of the Bandel route. Rest assured Naihati Kalyani 3rd rail is soon going to be reality for us.

  6. What is the current status of railway electrification and doubling track between manigram jangipur road new farakka ?

    1. The electrification work started between Manigram-Jangipur-New Farakka 3 weeks ago.

      Doubling work is going on between Dhuliyan-New Farakka.

      Azimganj-Jangipur: full doubling
      Nimtita-Dhuliyan: full doubling
      Jangipur-Nimtita: work in progress. Rail bridge work is going on over Bhagirathi feeder canel at Ahiran

      If all works going smoothly, then electrification will complete by end of the year and doubling will be completed by 2023.

  7. Completed by 2020 or 2023 ?

    Also please send the current status of the following routes:
    New Jalpaiguri to Lumding railway electrification with double line update including New Bongaigaon to Kamakhya route via Goalpara Town
    Akbarpur to Barabanki railway electrification and double line update

  8. Bariyarpur Mananpur rail proiect ki budgut ka paisa kya ho raha he ? R t I se mang thokun .

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