Reduction In Frequency Of HOWRAH-AHMEDABAD And HOWRAH-MUMBAI CSMT Specials From Daily To Weekly

Considering the request received from state authority in view of growing cases of COVID-19, it has been decided to reduce the frequency  of 02834/02833 Howrah-Ahmedabad Special and 02810/02809 Howrah-Mumbai CSMT Special from Daily to Weekly.

 Howrah-Ahmedabad Special will run once a week instead of daily w.e.f. 10th July, 2020 (Friday) from Howrah and w.e.f. 13th July, 2020 (Monday) from Ahmedabad till further advice.

Howrah-Mumbai CSMT Special will run once a week instead of daily w.e.f. 15th July, 2020(Wednesday) from Howrahand w.e.f 17th July, 2020 (Friday) from Mumbai CSMT till further advice.

Both the Special Trains will commence journey from the originating stations regularly up to 9th July 2020.

Train No.Days of RunWith Effect From
02810Howrah-Mumbai CSMT SpecialWednesday (Weekly instead of daily)Ex. Howrah every Wednesday from 15th  July, 2020 till further advice
02809Mumbai CSMT- Howrah SpecialFriday (Weekly instead of daily)Ex. Mumbai CSMT every Friday from 17th  July, 2020 till further advice
02834Howrah-Ahmedabad SpecialFriday (Weekly instead of daily)Ex. Howrah every Friday from 10th  July, 2020 till further advice
02833Ahmedabad-Howrah SpecialMonday (Weekly instead of daily)Ex. Ahmedabad every Monday from 13th  July, 2020 till further advice

All the above Special Trains will run as per existing timings and stoppages.

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