Ten Bridges on NCR Get Water Level Monitoring System, Improved Safety

Bridge Water Level Monitoring System installed at 10 major bridges of North Central Railway

In a major step towards safe train operations, Water level monitoring system has been installed at 10 major bridges of North Central Railway which includes Yamuna, Tonse and Sone bridges of Prayagraj division, Yamuna bridge in Agra division and Chambal, Yamuna Kalpi, Bagin , Yamuna South Bank and 02 bridges on Betwa river in Jhansi division.

Based on the design, flow and other technical parameters, regular level , high flood level and danger level of water are identified for all railway bridges and in event of water reaching critical level precautionary action is initiated including regulation or stoppage of trains till water recedes below the threshold level.

In this advanced and human intervention free water level monitoring system, water level measuring instrument(WLMI) continuously sends ultrasonic waves which reflects back from top of the water flowing in the river.

Time taken for ultrasonic waves to return back to instrument gives accurate measurement of water level in the river and equipment compares it with prefixed reference level to asses actual level w.r.t. danger level of water. Water level measuring instrument (WLMI) along with the intelligent field device (IFD) that communicate with WLMI and transmits the water level data to a central server from each bridge.

This system records water level at every 05 minutes and data is available to authorized personnel in tabular as well as graphical format which is effectively used for forecasting purpose thus preventive measures can be planned in better way based on trend of water level increase at these major Railway bridges.

The internet-based user interface is protected through unique ID and password makes it easy for authorized personnel to access it from anywhere and see the actual water level at a particular point of time.

Nominated users also get SMS alert on the various thresholds like regular water level, danger level and high flood level for each bridge for decision making and action on a real-time basis. Besides these 10 systems functional over NCR, 05 major bridges in Jhansi division are identified additionally for provision of water level monitoring system.

North Central Railway has taken series of steps towards safe and detention free train operations during monsoon which includes keeping monsoon reserve materials at strategic locations to tackle any damage to track formation in event of heavy rains, deployment of a stationary watchman at vulnerable locations, monsoon patrolling of critical locations and sections, daily monitoring of rainfall in each area, water pumping arrangements from LHS, intensive cleaning of drains in yards, critical audit and deployment of the watchman at all worksites near running track etc.

On long term basis North Central Railway is working on provision of covered shed over LHS approaches, drains between DFC and Railway tracks, Rain water harvesting pit at LHSs, use of seepage free joints in LHS segments etc.

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