NCR Dispatched 11 Shramik Special Trains on 23rd May, 17,600 Passengers Homebound

11 originating trains on 23.05.20 to clear approximately 17600 migrants from Dadri, Jhansi, Kosi Kalan & Lalitpur Read more »

NCR: 1.7 Lakh Passengers From Shramik Special Trains Received at Various Stations

NCR has received 1.7 lakh passengers at various stations in the zone arriving by 116 passengers till 10th May 2020 Read more »

NCR: Webinar Held on Modern Signalling System to be Implemented Between Jhansi and Bina

NCR held a webinar for its officials on the upcoming modernisation of signalling in a trial project between Jhansi and Bina Read more »

NCR Asks Staff to be Extra Vigilant, Watch out for Trespassers on Railway Tracks

NCR asks maintenance and running staff to be extra vigilant for trespassing public on railway tracks, receives over 26,000 migrants from 22 Shramik Special trains Read more »

NCR Has Received Over 14 Thousand Migrants Arriving at Prayagraj, Agra, Kanpur and Banda by Shramik Special Trains

North Central Railway has received over 14 thousand migrants brought by various Shramik Special Trains to Agra, Kanpur, Prayagraj and Banda stations Read more »

Shramik Special Trains Help 9.2k Migrants Get Back to UP from Across India

Over 9,200 passengers have been received at various stations in Uttar Pradesh by North Central Railway from various Shramik Special Trains Read more »

NCR: Three Shramik Special Trains Brought 3,600 Passengers to Agra and Kanpur

Three terminating and 16 passing through Shramik special Trains handled by NCR. Approximately 3600 stranded persons brought to Agra and Kanpur Read more »

Despite Lockdown, NCR’s Agra Division Loads 6% More Freight in April 2020

Despite being in Red Zone Agra division of NCR loaded 3.4 lakh tonnes Freight in April 20 , 6.25 % improvement from April-19 Read more »

NCR Utilizing Lockdown to Conduct Online Refresher Training Courses for Running Staff, Webinar for AI, IOT in Signalling

North Central Railway has about 120 running staff from diesel and electric traction side under structured online training Read more »

NCR Ensuring Smooth Freight Movement, FOIS through Indian Railways’ VSAT Network

NCR telecom is also monitoring total 520 nos of VSAT deployed over entire Indian Railway network for FOIS (Freight Operations Information System) Read more »