Parivartan Sangoshthi: Full List of Suggestions Presented by Top Officials to Railway Board and Ministry

This is a list of suggestions that were collated from those put forth by top railway officials at the Parivartan Sangoshthi programme on 7th and 8th December 2019. Read more »

Parivartan Sangoshthi: PMO Sets Stiff Targets for Indian Railways

Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) has set stiff performance targets for Indian Railways (IR). Vision 2024 was tabled at the two-day brainstorming session of IR’s officers named Parivartan Sangoshthi. Read more »

CAG Report on Indian Railways: Questions Increased Reliance on External Borrowings, Gross Budgetary Support

The Comptroller and Auditor General of India has flagged the rising dependence of the Indian Railways on external funds for capital expenditure as a problem. Read more »

IR Needs to Focus on Higher Internal Revenue Generation: CAG Report

Analysing the national transport behemoth’s numbers both bottom-up and top-down, the CAG concluded that Indian Railways (IR) could not have shown a surplus of earnings (of Rs 1,665.61 crore) over its expenses... Read more »

Ministry of Railways Signs MoU with UK's Department for International Development

The MoU envisages co-operation with DFID for Energy Efficiency & Energy Self Sufficiency for Indian Railways The effort is to reduce carbon footprint and transform Indian Railways into “Green Railways” Read more »

CAG on Railways: Declining Revenue Surplus, 95% of Freight Profits Used to Subsudize Passenger Ops Losses

Operating Ratio of 98.44 per cent was the worst in the last ten years. Indian Railways, in fact, would have ended up with a negative balance of ₹5,676.29 crore instead of surplus... Read more »

Indian Railways Earned Rs.511 Crore From Property Development

IR earns Rs 511 crore via property development. As on March 31, 2019, the total land available with the Indian Railways was 4.78 lakh hectares. Of this, about 0.51 lakh hectares were... Read more »

Rail Development Authority Mandate to Advise Govt on Policy, Pricing, Competitiveness: Piyush Goyal

Centre approves set-up of Rail Development Authority.The RDA’s mandate is to advise the government on policy related issues including pricing, revenue generation, investment and consumer protection. Read more »

IR to Execute 256 Projects Worth Rs 1.84 lakh Crore First

IR to first execute 256 projects..It has classified 58 of these as super critical projects, 68 as critical projects and the remaining 130 as other throughput enhancement projects. Read more »

Steps Taken by Indian Railways to Increase Non-Fare Revenue, Monetization of Land and FDI in IR

Several steps have been taken to increase non-fare revenue of Indian Railways by monetization of land and other assets, Minister of Railways, Piyush Goyal told Lok Sabha in a written reply. Read more »