SWR Has Ferried 8800 Passengers In Shramik Specials

Running of Shramik Special trains by SWR to various destinations. Read more »

Second Shramik Special Of Hubballi Division Chugs Off To Jodhpur

Migrant/Shramik special to jodhpur from Hubbali. Read more »

Ten Lakh Migrants Travelled Home by 800 Trains on Indian Railways in 15 Days

The Indian Railways has transported ten lakh migrants back home in 800 Shramik Special trains over just 15 days of the lockdown Read more »

54,000 Passengers Ferried To Eleven States By Shramik (Migrant) Special Trains

54000 shramik passengers ferried by SWR to 11 states Read more »

Shramik Special From Hubbali To Jodhpur(13/05/2020)

SWR Migrant special from Hubbali to Jodhpur Read more »

SWR Ferries 10,000 Passengers On Seven Shramik(Migrant) Specials Trains

Running of Migrant Special trains by SWR Read more »

Running of Migrant Special Trains From Kabakaputtur To Bihar

Migrant special train from Mysuru to Bihar Read more »

Indian Railways has operated over 540 Shramik Special Trains to Transport 6.5 Lakh Stranded Migrants

Indian Railways has transported 6.5 lakh stranded migrants to their destinations via 543 Shramik Special Trains, according to the ministry Read more »

SWR Runs Six More Shramik Special Trains With 7840 Passengers To Their Hometowns On Monday

Transport of migrants and stranded persons to their home states by SWR. Read more »

468 Shramik Special Trains Operated by Indian Railways So Far.

Indian Railways has operated 468 Shramik Special Trains carrying approx 1200 migrants per train to various destinations across the country Read more »