Dousing Fires: Railway Board reverses 2018 order on Electrical and Mechanical reporting structure

Railway Board has decided to put a full stop on the ongoing one-upmanship between the Mechanical and Electrical departments of Indian Railways over train-sets, has rolled back restructuring orders passed in 2018 Read more »

Non-Interlocked… and Stranded

We take a look at what is NI (Non Interlocking) Work, what goes on behind the scenes and why it is so important for Indian Railways Read more »

Several Train Cancellations on ER and ECR for Maintenance Works

Several trains in Eastern Railway or East Central Railway are to be fully or partially cancelled in April for maintenance works. Read more »

Washable Apron work at Gorakhpur PF-6: Change of platform for several trains

For a period of 45 days starting April 1, 2019, platform number 6 at Gorakhpur will be closed for works related to washable apron Read more »

Arakkonam: Traffic to be affected for 10 days for signalling work

Signalling works at Arakkaonam junction for the detour line between Arakkonam and Takkolam from April 5 to April 14 will affect traffic on Southern Railway in a big way Read more »

Gwalior Bhopal Express to be short terminated at Guna

West Central Railway has decided to short-terminate 12198/97 Gwalior –Bhopal express due to track maintenance works between Bhopal and Guna on March 25 and 26. Read more »

Ernakulam – Angamali Line Block: 3 hrs a day till 25th April

The Ministry of Railways has approved a line block of 3 hrs in Ernakulam Town (ERN) to Angamali (AFK) UP line section for 6 days a week Read more »

Dadar South FOB to be shut temporarily for repairs starting March 17

During the inspection, it was decided that the ramp at platform number 1 and the staircase on platform 2 and 3 be closed temporarily Read more »

WR Jumbo Block on March 17

A jumbo block will be taken from 10.35 hrs to 15.35 hrs on Up and Down slow lines on Sunday, March 17 between Borivali and Goregaon stations Read more »

Traffic and Power Block between Asangaon and Kasara on March 17

Central Railway will operate a Traffic and Power Block between Asangaon and Kasara Up and Dn lines for the launching of FOB girders and removal of redundant OHE structures on March 17... Read more »