4,197 Shramik Special Trains Dispatched, 58 Lakh Passengers Benefited From Services So Far

Indian Railways have run 4,197 Shramik Special Train services so far, helping 58 lakh passengers get back to their homes during the lockdown Read more »

4,155 Shramik Special Trains Run Till 2nd June, 57 Lakh Passengers Sent Home

The Indian Railways have transported 57 lakh people home by over 4,000 Shramik Special trains in a month, according to a statement released by PIB Read more »

North Eastern States Received Almost 1 Lakh Passengers by Shramik Special Trains

One lakh passengers have traveled to the north east from all over India by 63 Shramik special trains so far Read more »

CORRECTED: SR: 3.5 Lakh Passengers Sent Back Home in 271 Shramik Specials So Far

Southern Railway has sent over 3.5 lakh passengers home by 258 Shramik Special trains, reported the zone. Read more »

Southern Railways Transported Over 3.10 Lakh Migrant Workers

Southern Railway commenced the operation of Shramik Special trains from 1st of May, 2020 to transport stranded migrant workers back to their home states. Read more »

SER: 4.15 Lakh Meals Supplied to Needy During Lockdown

South Eastern Railway has supplied 4.15 lakh free meals to the poor and needy during the lockdown. Read more »

SWR: 175 Shramik Specials Operated, Taking 2.47 Lakh Passengers Home

South Western Railway has operated a total of 175 Shramik Special trains to transport almost 2.5 lakh passengers back home. Read more »

WR: Over 1k Crore Refunded for Cancelled Tickets, 1,162 Shramik Specials Operated to Take 17.4 Lakh Passengers Home

Western Railway has transported 17 lakh passengers via 1,162 trains during the lockdown, besides clearing refunds of over 1,000 crores for cancelled tickets Read more »

Outrage All You Want, But Indian Railways Did A Terrific Job In The Lockdown

I take a look at how the Indian Railways did a wonderful job ensuring that the country had food and fuel during the lockdown, and why the outrage over diverted trains is... Read more »

3,543 Shramik Special Trains Run So Far, Transporting 48 Lakh Passengers Back Home

Over 3,543 Shramik Special trains have been operated by Indian Railways to transport 48 lakh passengers back home Read more »