WR Completes Dispatch of 1,230 Shramik Specials, 18.5 Lakh Passengers Sent Home

Western Railway has dispatched the 1,230th Shramik Special train from the zone. It has lost Rs. 1,471 crores in earnings due to the lockdown Read more »

Indian Railways Cancels Tickets Booked For Trains Scheduled Up To 12th August. Details Inside

Indian Railways has cancelled all regular train ticket bookings up to 12th August 2020. Refunds are to be processed automatically for online bookings Read more »

WR: 1,221 Shramik Trains Run So far, 1,275 Crores Refunded to Passengers

Western Railway has sent 1,221 Shramik Special Trains to various states so far helping more than 18 lakh passengers get back home Read more »

NR: Rs. 1,885 Crores Refunded to Passengers for Ticket Cancellation in Lockdown

Northern Railway has issued refunds of rupees 1,885 crores in the lockdown period against cancellation of confirmed tickets Read more »

SCR: Andhra Pradesh Restricts Intra-State Travel, Passengers Boarding and Alighting Within State To Get Ticket Refund

Due to restrictions imposed by the state, intra-state travel will not be allowed in Andhra Pradesh. As a result, no tickets will be allowed for travel within the state Read more »

SWR: 175 Shramik Specials Operated, Taking 2.47 Lakh Passengers Home

South Western Railway has operated a total of 175 Shramik Special trains to transport almost 2.5 lakh passengers back home. Read more »

WR: Over 1k Crore Refunded for Cancelled Tickets, 1,162 Shramik Specials Operated to Take 17.4 Lakh Passengers Home

Western Railway has transported 17 lakh passengers via 1,162 trains during the lockdown, besides clearing refunds of over 1,000 crores for cancelled tickets Read more »

Outrage All You Want, But Indian Railways Did A Terrific Job In The Lockdown

I take a look at how the Indian Railways did a wonderful job ensuring that the country had food and fuel during the lockdown, and why the outrage over diverted trains is... Read more »

SR/SWR: Refund Of Ticket Fares For Trains Cancellation On Account Of Covid-19

SR and SWR announce Refund of PRS tickets for trains which were cancelled by the Railways. Read more »

WR Transported 8.8 Million Tons of Goods by 4,402 Trains in 60 Days

Western Railway transported amounting to 8.82 million tonnes via 4,402 trains. 8740 freight trains were interchanged with other railways, including 4404 trains handed over and 4336 trains taken over Read more »