WR: Mumbai New Delhi Rajdhani Express Set to Get Faster, Cut Travel Time by More Than an Hour with Push-Pull

Western Railway has proposed a new, faster schedule for the 12951/52 Mumbai New Delhi Rajdhani Express.

The proposal has been sent to the Railway Board for its approval. The new schedule envisages a saving of 70 and 65 minutes for 12952 New Delhi-Mumbai Rajdhani and 12951 Mumbai-New Delhi Rajdhani respectively.

The speeding up of the train is expected to be achieved through utilisation of the Push-Pull configuration for the train.

The Push-Pull configuration is currently in use for the 22221/22 Mumbai CSMT-Nizamuddin Rajdhani Express via Bhusawal on Central Railway.

WR plans to start 12951 Mumbai-New Delhi Rajdhani Express from Mumbai Central station at 17:30 hrs. That is half an hour later than its current departure time. The train is expected to reach New Delhi at 8:00 hrs, 35 minutes before the current scheduled time.

On the return journey, 12952 New Delhi Mumbai Rajdhani Express is proposed to depart from New Delhi at its usual time of 16:25 hrs and reach Mumbai at 07:05 hrs, 70 minutes before the current scheduled time.

It is unclear by when this schedule will be implemented, or when the approval is expected from the Railway Board.

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