HOG for 23 out of 38 rakes on ER now

A total of 23 out of 38 rakes with 42 trains of ER are running on HOG, effecting saving of nearly Rs 25 Cr. per annum fuel bill of IR. About 60 litres of diesel per hour is saved according to Eastern Railway.

Three more LHB rakes of Eastern Railway  have been converted to HOG (Head On Generation)  with end to end running on HOG compliant electric locos from end November 2019.

With this addition HOG introduced in 2nd rake out of 3 rakes of 12367/12368 (Bhagalpur- Anand Vihar Vikramshila) Express and three rakes out of four rakes of 12337/12338, 12339/12340, 12341/12342 (Howrah-Bolpur Shantiniketan Express, Howrah-Dhanbad Coal Field Express, Howrah-Asansol Agniveena Express)  and 13011/13012 (Howrah-Malda Intercity Express) and 53047/53048 (Vishwabharati Fast Passenger). 

The load of lights, fans air-conditioning, pantry and the like will be fed from the electric locomotive by Head On Generation (HOG) technology, instead of, from the power cars placed at either ends of the rake as was used in the End On Generation (EOG) system.

The technology, free from air and noise pollution and carbon credits can be earned as carbon dioxide is not emitted into the environment through burning of High Speed Diesel.

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