Ahmedabad-Howrah Special Frequency Now Tri-Weekly

Frequency of the Ahmedabad Howrah Special has been increased to tri-weekly with effect from 15th September Read more »

WR: Jumbo Block Between Goregaon and Borivali Station on Sunday,13th September 2020

During the block period, all DOWN Slow line special suburban services will run on Fast line between Goregaon & Borivali stations Read more »

CR: Mega Block on 5th and 6th line on 13.09.2020 (Sunday) No Mega Block on the main line and Harbour Line

Central Railway, Mumbai Division will operate Mega Block on 5th and 6th line on main line for carrying out various engineering and maintenance works Read more »

SER to Restore Special Trains on 12th September After West Bengal Govt. Withdraws Lockdown

As per revised notification, the complete lockdown in the state of West Bengal has been withdrawn on 12th September, 2020. Read more »

ECoR: Restoration of Fully Cancelled Trains

Due to withdrawn of complete Lockdown in the state of West Bengal on 12th September, 2020, train services have been restored Read more »

Western Railway to Run 3 Pairs of Special Trains for NEET Candidates

In order to benefit the candidates appearing for NEET exams, Western Railway has decided to run 3 more pairs of special trains. Read more »

भारतीय रेलवे के सिग्नलिंग इंजीनियरिंग मैनुअल में संशोधन में उत्तर मध्य रेलवे का अहम योगदान

भारतीय रेल पर यातायात की बढ़ती मांग और ट्रेनों की गति बढ़ाने की आवश्यकता है, सिग्नलिंग बुनियादी ढांचे को अपग्रेड करने और नवीनतम रखरखाव प्रथाओं को अपनाने की आवश्यकता अपरिहार्य है... Read more »

CR – First parcel train leaves from Bhiwandi Road station of Mumbai Division

First parcel train with 5 parcel vans fully loaded with various commodities like refrigerators, furniture, medicines, cosmetic goods, etc have been loaded from Bhiwandi Road station, Maharashtra to Danapur in Bihar Read more »

Important Contribution Towards Revision in Signalling Engineering Manual of Indian Railways by NCR

With the increasing quantum of traffic over IR and need to enhance speed of trains, the requirement to upgrade signalling infrastructure and adopt latest maintenance practices has become necessary. Read more »

पश्चिम मध्य रेलवे के कोटा मंडल के भरतपुर रेलवे स्टेशन पर वीडियो निगरानी प्रणाली की स्थापना

इस वीडियो निगरानी प्रणाली के द्वारा पूरे स्टेशन एवं स्टेशन के सरकुलेटिंग एरिया की माॅनीटरिंग की जा रही है Read more »