CR : Discount fare scheme on Vacant seats in trains having sitting accommodation of AC Chair Car class

Railways have permitted discount on base fares of AC Chair Car of the trains having poor occupancy. Fares for the following trains will be given variable discounts for a period of 6 months from 01.04.2020 to 30.09.2020 as under:-

Comparison of basic fare and proposed discounted fare
Train No.From – ToExisting basic fare in AC Chair Car class (in Rs.)Range of Discounted base Fare in AC Chair Car (in Rs.)
22101CSMT- MMRRs. 340/-Rs. 255-306/-
22101CSMT- NKRDRs. 267/-Rs. 201-240/-
22102MMR – CSMTRs. 340/-Rs. 306/-
22102NKRD- CSMTRs. 267/-Rs. 240/-
11307KLBG-HYBRs. 302/-Rs. 227-257/-

Reservation charges, Superfast charges etc. will be levied in addition to above base fare.

Passengers are requested to please take note and avail this facility.

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