ER: Malda, Jamalpur, Bhagalpur, Sahibganj Stations Get Thermal Scanning Camera

Thermal scanning camera has been installed and commissioned at Main entrance of Malda Station with Ticket Scanner.

A similar type of thermal scanning camera has also been installed at Jamalpur, Bhagalpur and Sahibganj stations. The basic objective of these thermal scanning machines is to generate health-related safety to the travelling passenger and to thwart the spread of ongoing COVID 19.

The system will be helpful in quick scanning of passenger’s temperature without stopping at the entrance with Photographs.

At a time 10 to 15 Nos persons can be diagnosed whether they have more temperature than prescribed limit and it can detect persons from 3 metre. distance with an accuracy of +/-0.5°F. The system has one ticket scanner which is connected with the screen.

After thermal scanning of passengers, they will put his/her ticket under scanner for online checking.

This system is equipped with Audio and  Visual alarm system for generating alarms against symptomatic passengers and will flash red light. It has a Network Video Recorder (NVR) with 4 TB Hard Disk and has 42″ LED Commercial display for easy scrutiny.

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