Experimental Halt at Central Railway stations for More Trains

Central Railway will provide experimental halt at Ajni, Shegaon, Pulgaon, Wani, Bhandak and Burhanpur stations to the following trains for six months. They are

Halts effective February 23

a)    12772 Nagpur-Secunderabad Superfast Express will arrive Ajni at 22.06 hrs and depart at 22.07 hrs.

b)    12771 Secunderabad-Nagpur Superfast Express will arrive Ajni at 07.40 hrs and depart at 07.41 hrs.

c)    11403 Nagpur-Shri Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Terminus (Kolhapur) Express will arrive Ajni at 15.07 hrs and depart at 15.08 hrs

d)    11404 Shri Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Terminus (Kolhapur) –Nagpur Express will arrive Ajni at 11.23 hrs and depart at 11.24 hrs.

Halts effective February 24

a)    12114 Nagpur-Pune Garibrath Express will arrive Ajni at 18.44 hrs and depart at 18.45 hrs

b)    12113 Pune-Nagpur Garibrath Express will arrive Ajni at 09.09 hrs and depart at 09.10 hrs.

c)    12114 Nagpur-Pune Garibrath Express will arrive Shegaon at 04.04 hrs and depart at 04.05 hrs.

d)    12113 Pune-Nagpur Garibrath Express will arrive Shegaon at 22.59 hrs and depart at 23.00 hrs.

i.        12850 Pune-Bilaspur Superfast Express will arrive Pulgaon at 07.27 hrs and depart at 07.29 hrs (from Feb 22)

ii.        12849 Bilaspur-Pune Superfast Express will arrive Pulgaon at 20.08 hrs and depart at 20.10 hrs from Feb 28

iii.        11045 Shri Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Terminus (Kolhapur)-Dhanbad Express will arrive Wani at 04.39 hrs and depart at 04.40 hrs from Feb 28

iv.        11046 Dhanbad-Shri Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Terminus (Kolhapur) Express will arrive Wani at 19.09 hrs and depart at 19.10 hrs from Feb 25

v     22663 Chennai Egmore-Jodhpur Express will arrive Bandak at 06.31 hrs and depart at 06.32 hrs (from 23.2.2019)

vi.        22664 Jodhpur-Chennai Egmore Express will arrive Bandak at 00.49 hrs and depart at 00.50 hrs w.e.f. 25.2.2019.

vii.        22937 Rajkot-Rewa Express will arrive Burhanpur at 05.01 hrs and depart at 05.02 hrs (from Feb 24).

viii.        22938 Rewa-Rajkot Express will arrive Burhanpur at 06.09 hrs and depart at 06.10 hrs from Feb 25.

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