Four trains on Central Railway given 6-month experimental halts to benefit passengers

In a move to benefit passengers at smaller stations, Central railway has provided experimental halts of one minute each for four trains at four stations. These halts will be for a six-month period.

Train Number 11093/94 Mahanagari express has started halting at Chalisgaon (effective January 22) in both directions 05:54-05:55 and 07:52-07:53 respectively. The halt is expected to benefit passengers of Dhule and nearby towns.

Mahanagari has also been provided a halt at Raver, a town on the Maharashtra-Madhya Pradesh border famous for banana cultivation, in both directions at 08:14-08:15 and 05:31-05:32 respectively. This stop is expected to benefit passengers from the surrounding areas. The halt is in effect from January 20, 2019.

Effective January 24, Malkapur station will see train number 17623/17624 H Saheb Nanded Sriganganagar express stopping at 15:24-15:25 and 19:44-19:45 respectively. 

Train No. 12720/12719 Hyderabad-Jaipur Express will also have a one -minute halt at Malkapur from the same day onwards at 06:49-06:50 and 14:04-14:05 respectively. Passengers in and around Khamkhed, Malkapur and Wadoda are likely to benefit.

Finally, Train No. 12715/12716 Hazur Saheb Nanded-Amritsar Sachkhand Express has been provided a halt at Pachora effective January 21 17:29-17:30 and 07:31-07:32 respectively. Passengers in and around Nagardevla, Pachora, Varkhedi and Shendurni will be the beneficiaries.

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