High-speed trials between Ambala and Saharanpur

Indian Railways is conducting high speed trials between Ambala and Saharanpur stations of Northern Railway today and tomorrow.

The route proving run is being done to increase the speed of trains in this section from 110 kmph to 130 kmph. The details of the trials are as given below:-

DateTimeSpeed in kmphFromTo
20-10-20208hrs-9hrs120Ambala CanttSaharanpur
20-10-202010 hrs-11 hrs120SaharanpurAmbala Cantt
20-10-202012 hrs-13 hrs130Ambala CanttSaharanpur
20-10-202014hrs- 15 hrs130SaharanpurAmbala Cantt
20-10-202016 hrs-17 hrs135Ambala CanttSaharanpur
21-10-20208hrs-9hrs135SaharanpurAmbala Cantt
21-10-202010 hrs-11 hrs140Ambala CanttSaharanpur
21-10-202012 hrs-13 hrs140SaharanpurAmbala Cantt
21-10-202014hrs- 15 hrs143Ambala CanttSaharanpur
21-10-202016 hrs-17 hrs143SaharanpurAmbala Cantt

The trails will be conducted by a train with HB coaches powered by an electric loco fit to run at 160 kmph.

It will have SLR coaches (2nd class luggage /parcel van) on both sides besides an inspection carriage as the last vehicle.

Necessary safety instructions such as safety at gates, trespassing, track maintainers working, vulnerable locations besides no train in the opposite direction have been issued.

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