IR Plans Improvement in Operating Ratio – II: Increase in Earnings

Indian Railways (IR) has decided to take several steps to generate additional revenue worth Rs 17,000 crore this fiscal.

The immediate action points include a review of Humsafar trains for deployment on popular routes by September 30; maximizing leasing of luggage van (seating cum luggage rake -SLR) spaces in trains besides speedy clearance of applications for private freight terminals (PFT) and sidings.

Next in line are revision of land licence fees /right of way cases; speedy resolution of mining/environmental issues[GM level monitoring mooted]; expediting  pending station to station (STS) proposals; running freight convoys to improve wagon turnaround[by cancelling a few passenger services]; increasing speed of freighters to 100 kmph for empty rakes and 75 kmph for loaded rakes.

On the anvil is an extension in loco inspection schedules thereby increasing loco availability for passenger and freight besides reduction in freight terminal detention at by implementing the engine-on-load system (EOL where rake handling is done in 5 to 6 hours).

 Maintenance of tracks, signals and overhead wires will be done as a shadow block -integrated manner- to maximize maintenance hours and minimize downtime for operations.

 Short-term measures

IR plans to upgrade all routes with carrying capacity of CC+6  (between 89.28 and 91.28 tonnes at max speed of 50 kmph)and CC+4 (between 87.28 and 89.28 tonnes at max speed of 50 kmph) to CC+8 (between 91.28 and 93.28 tonnes at  max speed of 50 kmph).

Higher loads of CC+8 would be run at slower speeds in CC+6 and CC+4 routes until then.

Freight mix will be reviewed for lead and yield with emphasis on bringing more customers under the advance freight policy. IR has also decided to increase the validity of premium rakes by 3 days to 18. For CC rakes, the validity will be increased by 5 days to 35.

Crew availability will be rationalized and the mandated duty hours for crew increased to 10 hours. Increasing the rate of new wagon induction besides bringing down ineffective wagon holding of BOXN BOBR and BCN type wagons to less than 3.5 per cent has been targeted.

 IR also plans to combine carrying capacity (CC) base of BOXN examination for loading flexibility / lesser empty rakes besides improved wagon turnaround.

 IR plans to introduce the third shift working in its workshops to improve output.

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