Itarsi -Allahabad electrification updates- 13 pairs of trains to retain their electric locos end -to-end

Starting September 13, Indian Railways is exploring the possibility to run 13 pairs of trains on electric locos between Itarsi and Allahabad. This follows the completion of electrification works between Manikpur and Satna. Full electrification of the Itarsi -Allahabad line will be complete once the works are completed between Satna and Katni/ Katni Murwara.

Until then, these 13 pairs will be hauled by diesel locos only between Satna and Katni taking along with it, the incoming electric loco. This arrangement will continue until the Satna -Katni electrification is completed. IR has targeted full electrification of the Itarsi -Allahabad line by the end of this fiscal.

The oldest train on this section, train number 12321/ 22 between Howrah and Mumbai will retain its electric loco end-to-end. A list of other trains that would be run using electric locos is given below.

Train No. & NamePresent Traction Changing Point
12791/92 Secunderabad – Danapur ExpJBP
13201/32 Rajendranagar – LTT ExpKTE
82355/56 CSMT-Patna Suvidha ExpKTE
12321/22 Howrah – CSMT MailKTE
12149/50 Pune – Danapur SuperfastKTE
11093/94 CSMT – Varanasi ExpKTE
11071/72 LTT – Varanasi Kamayani ExpKMZ
12293/94 LTT – Allahabad Duranto ExpJBP
22911/12 Indore – Howrah Shipra ExpKMZ
22967/68 Ahmedabad – Allahabad ExpKTE
22971/72 Bandra Terminus – Patna ExpET
22913/14 Bandra Terminus – Saharsa HamsafarKTE
20903/04 Baroda – Varanasi Mahamana ExpET

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