Kalyan ELS Gets its First 25kV Passenger Locomotive

The oldest electric locomotive shed (ELS) in India, based in Kalyan, Mumbai, has finally received its first 25kV AC passenger locomotive, decades after 25kV AC traction became the standard on IR.

Kalyan ELS has received 2 WAP-7 class locomotives, transferred from Ajni ELS at Nagpur. Both sheds are run by Central Railway (CR).

The transferred WAP-7s are primarily meant for use with Push-Pull trains like the 22221/22 CSMT – New Delhi Rajdhani Express, and 12127/28 Mumbai – Pune Intercity Express. The latter is currently being tested with the Push-Pull configuration.

“Homing a WAP7 in Kalyan is just a step towards making Kalyan a coaching loco shed with all modern facilities and latest locos. Kalyan is a natural point for homing coaching locos since there’s no space in Mumbai CSMT area”, says Principal Chief Electrical Engineer (PCEE) of CR, Sushil Vavre.


The first commercial train journey in India began on 16th April 1853 between Boribunder (now CSMT) to Tannah (now Thane). The Great Indian Peninsular Railway (GIPR) extended the railway line to Kalyan on 1st May 1854.

The first electric train in India ran on 1500V DC between Boribunder (CSMT) to Coorla (Kurla) through the Harbour line on 3rd Feb, 1925.

The railway line to Pune & Igatpuri was already extended by 14th June 1858 & 1st January 1861 respectively. GIPR felt the need to establish an Electric Locomotive Shed (ELS) to cater to the needs of traffic running on electric traction between Bombay- Igatpuri and Bombay – Pune. GIPR chose Kalyan as the place to set up a new ELS, as Kalyan happens to be the place where lines to Igatpuri & Pune split. The shed was thus established on 28th November 1928.

Loco holdings of Kalyan ELS

  1. EA/1 (WCP-1 & WCP-2) : The first electric locomotive in India. KYN ELS maintained 21 nos. of EA/1 locomotives from 1930-1972. The locos were supplied from Metropolitan Vickers, UK. The prestigious Deccan Queen was hauled by this class of locomotive on its inauguration day on 1st June,1930. The first EA/1 was named ‘Sir Roger Lumley’ , the then Governor of Bombay from 1937-1943.
  2. EF/1 (WCG-1) : These class of locos were imported in India around 1928. The locos were supplied by Swiss Locomotive Works,Winterthur and later by Vulcan Foundary, UK. KYN ELS maintained these locos from 1928-1998. These locos were popularly known as ‘Kekda’ meaning Crab. The first loco was named ‘Sir Leslie Wilson, then then Governor of Bombay.
  3. EM/1WCM-1 : Locos were manufactured English Electric Co. & Vulcan Foundry. 7 nos.of locos were added in the fleet in 1954/55. The first Co-Co wheel arrangement was used on WCM-1 locomotive. These locos had an MPS of 120kmph. They were used on trains like Indrayani & Deccan Queen till 1990.
  4. WCM-2 : These loco were introduced around 1960s. They were also manufcatured by English Electric & Vulcan Foundry. These were initially built to run on 3000V DC in Calcutta area. They were rendered obsolete when Calcutta area was converted to 1500V DC. RDSO along with ELS/KYN modified them to work on 1500V DC. 12 WCM-2 locos were maintained by ELS/KYN until 1990.
  5. WCM-3 : Originally ordered to operate in Calcutta area on 3000V DC, these locos were later transferred to ELS/KYN to work on 1500V DC. The locos were built by Hitachi Japan. They were the smallest in WCM series. 3 no.of locos were maintained by ELS/KYN.
  6. WCM-4 : These locos became operational in 1961. Manufactured by Hitachi,Japan. ELS/KYN maintained 7 WCM-4 locos from 1961-1998. They were the only exclusive WCM series locos to be used on freights. These locos were also the last imported locos with bonnets at either end.
  7. WCM-5 : Around 1963-65,these locos were allotted to ELS/KYN. These locos were built by CLW in collaboration with English Electric. These were India’s first indigenously designed DC locomotives. The first loco was named ‘Lokmanya’. ELS/KYN maintained 20 WCM-5 locos. They were mostly used on passenger trains.
  8. WCG-2 : These locos were custom built by CLW for 1500 V DC. These locos had unique vernier control mechanism on starting resistance for better adhesion. They worked in pairs & triplers as bankers on Thull & Bhore ghat. Total 57 locos were maintained by ELS/KYN from 1971 till 2012.
  9. WCM-6 : Around 1996 only 2 locos of this class were commissioned. These locos were built to RDSO specifications by CLW. Originally built to work on 1500V DC, these locos were later converted to work on 25kV AC traction.
  10. WCAM-3 : Around 1996 these locos were inducted into service. Total 53 locos were manufactured by BHEL. These locomotives can operate on both 1500V DC & 25kV AC traction.
  11. WCAG-1 : Around 12 locos of this class were allotted to KYN/ELS. These locos are similar to WCAM-3 locos except having different gear ratio. These locos are exclusively used for freight duties.
  12. WAG-5 : These locos were manufactured in 1983 and are being used across India. They are basically used on freight duties. Around 31 locos are being maintained by KYN/ELS till recently. The locos have now been transferred to other ELSs.
  13. WAG-7 : These locos are upgraded version of WAG-5. The first locos was inaugurated on 3rd August.1992 and was named Shantidan. These locos are used on freight duties. ELS/KYN is maintaining around 50 locos of this class
  14. WCAM-2P : These locos were developed in 1995 to meet the requirement of 1500V DC & 25kV AC traction. These were manufactured by BHEL. These were originally allotted to Valsad/ELS, but later transferred to KYN. 20 locos are now being maintained by ELS/KYN.
  15. WAG-9 : Around 22 locos were initially imported from ABB in 1996. CLW started manufacturing these locos from 1998 onwards. These locos 3 phase type AC locomotives especially meant to haul heavy freights. These are equipped with modern state of the art technology with 3 phase induction motors, Variable Voltage Variable Frequency (VVVF) drive traction convertors. Around 80 locos are being maintained by KYN/ELS.
  16. WAP-7 : These are the latest locos to be inducted into KYN/ELS. These are similar to WAG-9 locos except for different gear ratio. 8 locos are presently being maintained or transferred to KYN/ELS from AQ/ELS

With Inputs from: Vijay Aravamudhan
Photo: Harshad Joshi

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