NFR’s Lumding division is IR’s top performer

Lumding division of Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR) was adjudged the best performer among 68 divisions of Indian Railways for October 2019. Lumding scored 94 per cent in the scorecard based on a set of key performance indicators (KPI) outlined by the Railway Board.

Lumding scored 95 per cent in punctuality, 95 per cent in mobility, throughput and capacity utilization and 100 per cent in safety related works. The division achieved 89 per cent in business and financial performance index for the month of October 2019.

 Sambalpur division of East Coast Railway came second and Ahmedabad division of Western Railway was third in the pecking order.


The KPIs focus on safety works, freight & passenger traffic, financial performance, mobility, throughput, capacity utilization, asset reliability, punctuality, human resource development and other important initiatives.

Some KPIs are compared versus annual targets set by the Railway Board. They are safety works; business and financial Performance; removal of permanent speed restrictions to name a few.

Yardsticks such as rail fracture, loco failure, signal failure are compared with the year ago period to check improvement.

Points are given on parameters such as (i) elimination of manned level crossing (LC)Gate (ii) interlocking of manned LC Gates (iii) track renewal (iv) deep screening of track and turnouts (v) total revenue (vi) sundry earnings (vii)  originating freight loading (vii) originating passenger traffic (viii) Removal of Permanent Speed Restrictions (ix) Increase in average speed of freight trains (x) punctuality of mail/express trains besides various other parameters on the basis of information provided by divisions.

Divisions are required to provide information on a monthly basis for most KPIs. For some KPIs, information has to be provided on a half -yearly basis

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