Mumbai -Chennai trains to be speeded up starting July 1, 2020

Come July 1, 2020, train passengers on Mumbai – Chennai -Mumbai route will reach their destination faster.

This follows the decision of Indian Railways to speed up all three daily trains that run between the two metros.

The decision has been taken after IR completed about 90 per cent doubling and electrification of the Mumbai-Chennai route.

Following are the changes made in the time table of these trains:

StationOld timing Old number 12163New Timing Old Number 12163Old timing Old number 11027New Timing New Number 22157Old timing old number 11041New Timing New Number 22159
Mumbai CSMT /LTT20:3018:45234522:5514:0012:45
Chennai Central/Egmore19:4516:203:3021:4516:2010:50
StationOld timing Old number 12164New Timing Old Number 12164Old timing Old number 11028New Timing New Number 22158Old timing old number 11042New Timing New Number 22160
Chennai Central/Egmore6:4518:1523:556:3012:2013:20
Mumbai CSMT /LTT6:0016:003:455:4513:3512:35

Train number 12163 will originate from Lokmanya Tilak Terminus (LTT) and terminate at Chennai Central instead of the present destination, Chennai Egmore.

It has been speeded up by 1 hour and 40 minutes. It will cover the 1271 km distance in 21 hrs 35 mins.

Train number 12164 has also been speeded up by 1 hour and 30 minutes. It will cover the 1271 km Chennai Central- LTT distance in 21 hrs 45 mins. Train number 11041/42 has been re-numbered as train number 22159 /60.  It has been speeded up by 4 hours and 15 minutes towards Chennai and 2 hours towards Mumbai.

The biggest beneficiary of the speed increase is train number 11027/28 Mumbai -Chennai Mail. Renumbered as a superfast 22157/58, it will now be speeded up by 4 hours 55 minutes towards Chennai and 4 hours 35 minutes towards Mumbai.

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  1. Fantastic news, we frequently used to travel from Mumbai Chennai mail from Kalyan to Dudhani, however only issue was it start very late from here and reach in afternoon and vice versa for returning. With this new timing it will be very convenient for travel. Thanks

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