NCR: 25 Lakh Meals Served in 1,700 Shramik Special Trains

No demand of originating Shramik Special Train from 02.06.20 at any station served by North Central railway territory.

More than 1.75 Lakhs migrants and other stranded persons ferried through originating Shramik Specials and NCR is committed to run these specials till last demand from respective state governments is met.

Total 182 terminating, 46 passing trains with stoppage over NCR brought back more than 2.75 lakhs persons to different stations of North Central Railway.

Approximately 25 Lakhs meals and water bottles served by North Central Railway and IRCTC in close to 1700 Shramik specials trains.

As on 02.06.20 North Central Railway has operated 132 originating Shramik Specials catering to 177371 migrants and other stranded persons. Since running of first Shramik special train on 08.05.20 from Aligarh to Purnea,  02.06.20 was the first day when there was no demand for originating Shramik special train from state government at any station served by North Central Railway.

Over last 25 days NCR has averaged daily 5.3 originating Shramik specials clearing about  7095 persons per day with peak of 16 originating trains on 21.05.20 catering to maximum 20727 persons on any single day.

This demand of originating Shramik train had reduced to average of 02 trains since last 5 days and no originating train was demanded at any station of NCR on 02.06.20 and up till 16 hrs on 03.06.20.

Though demand for these trains have reduced substantially however North Central Railway is committed to run these special train on top priority whenever any demand from respective state government comes and will continue to run till last demand is fulfilled. 

Similarly number of incoming Shramik Special have also reduced substantially and only one train terminated each on 1st and 2nd of June , 2020. Since handling of first incoming train from Sabarmati on 03.05.20,

NCR has handled average 6 incoming Shramik special trains on a daily basis bringing back around 9210 persons daily with peak touching 18 trains on 15.05.20 bringing back 30092 migrants & other stranded persons on a single day.

As on 02.06.20 total 182 terminating and 46 passing trains with stoppage at stations over NCR have safely brought back 276238 persons at different stations of North Central Railway.

Distribution wise these 182  trains were terminated at various stations of North Central Railway like Sonbhadra( 02 train) , Prayagraj Jn.(63 trains) , Fatehpur(10 trains) ,Eath (01 train) , Etwah( 02 train) Aligarh(06 train) , Kanpur(21 trains) , Agra Cantt.(07 trains), Gwalior(10 trains) , Jhansi(04 trains) ,Orai(03 trains) , Banda(16 train) ,Chattarpur (16 trains) , Manikpur(01 train), Mirzapur (11 trains)  Tikamgarh(04 trains), Chitrakoot(02 train) , Subedarganj (01 train), Mahoba(01 train) and Morena(01 train) .

These trains have ferried migrants from stations like Sabarmati , Surat , Ahemdabad ,Palanpur , Godhra ,Viramgam ,Mehsana , Morabi , Anjar ,Navsari ,Dahod, Vadodara ,  Surendranagar , Kanhangad , Junagarh , Kurnool , Ankleshwar ,Bengaluru , Pune ,New Delhi , Rewadi , Rohtak , Gurgaon , Firozpur ,Ludhiana , Thivim , Kopergaon, Jodhpur, Borivili , Bharuch, Katra , Sambalpur,Ghatkesar, Udaipur, Lingampalli, Madgaon, Vapi, Lokmanya Tilak Terminus, Ernakumlam , Nizzamuddin  etc.

North Central Railway along with IRCTC ensured that adequate food and water are served in all Shramik specials over its territory. As on 02.06.20 following meals/packaged foods and water bottles have been served in Shramik special trains:

DivisionTrains served by NCRTotal meals/food packets servedTrains served by IRCTCTotal meals/food packets served

Thus in 742 trains North Central Railway has served 1045942 and IRCTC in 955 trains about 1416649 meal/ food packets and water bottles till 02.06.20. A total of 1697 trains served with total 2462591 meals/ food packets mainly at Prayagraj Jn., Kanpur, PrayagrajChheoki , Manikpur , Mirzapur , Tundla ,Jhansi , Agra Cantt. , Agra fort , Mathura etc .

Besides serving water bottles, Railway staff and volunteers of Scouts & Guides also ensured that drinking water from station taps is served in the container available with passengers with help of extenders. Coach watering was also attended in all Shramik trains at all watering stations of North Central Railway.  

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