NFR: 51 Crores Recovered From Ticketless Travellers from April-December 2019

Maligaon, 30th January: The Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR) has detected 749093 nos of passenger travelling without ticket/irregular ticket during the period from January to December 2019. An amount of Rs. 51.56 cr was realized from the offender as fare and penalty.

During the check, 29455 nos cases were also detected where passenger was found to be travelling with un-booked luggage during journey.  An amount of Rs. 37.55 lakhs were realised from them as freight charges.

Thus total Rs. 51.94 cr was realized from 778548 no without ticket / irregular ticket and un-booked luggage cases. This is about 25.55% more in terms of numbers of penalty cases detected and 21.07% higher in terms of earnings for the corresponding period of last year.

Needless to say that, emphasis given towards vigorous ticket checking not only led to increase in ticket selling from counter but also increased penalty earnings. To curb the menace of ticket less travel surprise checks are undertaken regularly. N.F. Railway officials have been conducting regular surprise ticket checking drive in Mail, Express and passenger Trains running through all the five divisions. Ticket checking staffs of all the division are detecting lot of cases during ticket checking drive. It may be mentioned here that, Shri Dharanidhar Das, Chief Ticket Inspector / Rangiya has already detected 11797 cases during checking of train over Rangiya division and realized an amount of Rs. 1, 32, 48,630.00 upto last December.

As per section 137, of the Indian Railway Act of 1989, travelling without ticket, improper ticket or un-booked luggage is an offence punishable by imprisonment or fine or both.

To discourage ticketless travelling, Northeast Frontier Railway has put systems in place whereby surprise ticket checking drive is conducted by Flying Ticket Checking Squads of Divisions as well as HQ. Fortress checks are also conducted in stations.

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