NFR : Digital initiatives by N.F. Railway

To promote digital transactions and ease of purchase of train
tickets including local train tickets by commuter, NFR has taken various initiatives during last few months. NFR launched the Mobile Ticketing app on 25th October, 2018. The service is gaining popularity across N.F. Railway. The application is free to download. Registration can be done through mobile phone application or website ( One can
easily purchase platform tickets, season tickets and unreserved train tickets from any station to any destination without standing in queue by downloading the app in his or her mobile.

Passenger has to commence the journey within three hours from booking of the ticket. Renewal of season tickets can also be done easily by using this app. However, booking a ticket using uts onmobile application
inside the station premises is not permissible as a passenger should enter the Railway premises after purchasing the ticket.
Moreover, 178 POS machines have been provided at different PRS counters to facilitate & promote digital transactions. Universal Payment Interface (UPI) has been introduced at all PRS & UTS counter all over NFR.

To promote cashless transaction; 527 no POS machines has already been installed for accepting of payments through digital transactions in both mobile and static catering units spreading all over NFR.
As one of the pioneer Railways, Northeast Frontier Railway successfully implemented Electronic Transmission of Railway Receipt (eT-RR) on 31 st July’2019 by generating the first Electronic Transmission of Railway Receipt (eT-RR) from ICDA, (Inland Container Depot, Amingaon) to CTKR (CONCOR Terminal KOPT Coal Dock Road). Again, on 1 st August, 2019, NFR
generated eT-RR from Bongaigaon Refinery & Petrochemical (P) Ltd, an IOCL Siding.

The 1 st eT-RR of private firm was generated from Dolgaon. RR (Railway Receipt) is a vital document; it is like an acknowledgement of receipt of goods for transportation by rail. The owner of original Railway
Receipt is supposed to be the owner of the goods. The eT-RR system is also very secure, because at every step from generation to transmission to surrender of RR, electronic authentication is required through user IDs, passwords and through unique system generated Freight Number
Record (FNR) and One Time Passwords (OTPs). The system generated FNR number and OTPs is sent only to registered e-mail IDs and mobile numbers of customers. In the earlier system, the customer used to face the problem of delay in taking delivery, whenever the goods train reaches
destination earlier than the original RR. The new system of transmission of RR electronically, eliminates this problem entirely.

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