RailDrishti-A dashboard for passenger convenience

Indian Railways on Monday launched the Rail Drishti dashboard. This will provide information on a train’s arrival, freight related enquiries, unpaid supplier bills besides assaying food quality at rail kitchens.

The dashboard shows key statistics and parameters to every citizen on a desktop laptop or a mobile,

The url of the dashboard is “raildrishti.cris.org.in”. It has 15 sections.

Raildrishti details

 At a glance provides information on passenger reservation, unreserved ticketing, freight earnings and freight loading for different periods are displayed on any station on Indian Railways.

The services section provides six services such as PNR enquiry, complaint enquiry, tender enquiry, Shramik enquiry, ODC enquiry and freight related enquiries. Links to eight important railway websites are available here

Trains on run provides information about a running train and the phone numbers of the housekeeping staff.

IRCTC kitchens shows live feeds ofhow the food being served to them in trains is being cooked and packed.

Grievances section shows the resolution status of complaints and the details-zone wise, division wise as well as by type of complaint.

Separate sections on achievements of IR, station images and heritage have been provided. The IRCTC tourism desk in the heritage section provides important information and tourist services.

To ensure that the labourers in the unorganized sector are paid their dues, a separate section Shramik Kalyan provides informationabout the unorganized sector working with Railway contractors. The amount of wages distributed to the casual workers is also available department wise and zone wise for various time periods.

Under the bills section, payments to be made to suppliers by IR and their duration wise pendency can be viewed.

The Freight earnings section outlines earnings on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis both zone wise and commodity wisePerformance of nine major freight commodities is also given.

The above set ofdata for number of rakes and quantity of freight loaded and unloaded is available in the freight loading/unloading section.

In passenger earnings section, data on reservations, unreserved ticketing, and number of passengers, tickets and earnings is available. Unreserved Ticketing is split further into suburban, non-suburban, and mobile bookings.

 The expenditure section lists daily, weekly monthly and yearly expenditure and works done by IT.

Finally the freight app SUGAM helps track freight consignments besides giving information on various terminals, nodal officers, indent status, freight rates, rake allocation plans, restrictions applicable, freight performance and other statistics.

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